Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dante was out in the front yard late last week.

 The sun was shining brightly and the ...

 ... snow was fast receding!  The bench was entirely clear and ...

 ... the garden was making its first earthy appearance!
"Well", says Dante.  "Dere's no lookin' back now.  Spring is ackshully here at last!"

 So Dante sat on the front porch which was finally in a fit state for habitation after such a long, cold, hard winter.

 He looked up at the sun and said, thankfully, that once again ...

"My future's so brite, I gotta wear shades!"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dante's 'on deck' again for the first time after the winter.  Finally enough snow has melted to allow him to navigate around the edges of the deck, and to sit on the deck benches without getting his butt wet.

So here is Dante's 'Deckadent' Extravaganza.  As usual, he doesn't disappoint.

"I'm all deck'd out an' noware ta go!", says Dante.

But that's okay because when he stays put, it makes for an awesome photoshoot!

However, it won't be long now before Dante's backyard kingdom turns from white to green.  Then there will places and things to explore galore!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


... OR IS HE?

Well, it's April and time for those yearly showers that will melt the snow and bring forth the bounty from the earth.  Dante has been waiting eagerly for Spring, but now that it's here he's having second thoughts.

"I tot I cud go outside an' bask in da sun", says he.  "Instead it's jus' weddah fur ducks!"
Dante tried on this waterproof cowboy hat to try to keep himself dry, but it didn't even cover his ears.

Then he tried an umbrella hat on the advice of his little squirrel friend, and that covered most of his ears, except for the very tips.  So no tip of his hat to Ralph for this one!

One cardinal rule for keeping the rain off your head is to wear a good ole sou'wester.  But this one covered one ear completely, and left the other one out to get wet!  So Dante decided there was only one thing left to do ...

... and that was to go back inside where it's dry and warm.  Dante's not the least bit tempted to go outside until all that water stops dropping from the sky.   Even all those birdies taunting him aren't enough to convince him to give it another try.

"I'm all in a muddle wif all dose puddles", declares he.  "See ya latah alligatahs!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Double the Dante; Double the Fun!

Here, Dante does the Doublemint Twins PURRoud!

 These Oriental Dantes have two orientations as one looks to the west and other looks to the east.

Here Dante doubles as his own doppelganger!

"We cud be triPURRlets!", says Garfield.

But as they say, two's company, and three's ... well you get my drift!