Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today Dante is in the back yard again.  He is relieved that there is nothing untoward, and he can now enjoy the beauty of the colourful leaves.

In our back garden we have two deciduous trees whose leaves turn colour. There is the crabapple tree which has yellow leaves in the Fall, and a 'Sunset Maple' tree which has bright orange to red leaves in autumn.  The crabapple has already lost most of its leaves, but the 'Sunset Maple' is just coming into its glory.

"Dese is our twees", says Dante.

"Lookit da bootiful wed leafs!"

"Sum of dem is orinj, too!  I luvs orinj!  Its mai fafurite culler."

Here's what they say about the 'Sunset Maple' on the internet:

"The leaves of a red sunset maple tree are shiny green on top and pale green beneath in the spring and summer seasons. They typically have three to five lobes, and are up to six inches in diameter. The flowers are small and red, appearing in dense clusters during mid spring. Red fruit replaces the flowers in mid summer. Red sunset maple trees also have reddish stems and twigs, which provide a good deal of winter interest once all the foliage has fallen.

Red sunset maple trees are relatively fast growers, and can grow up to two feet per year until maximum height has been reached. The sap of a red sunset maple tree can be used to make sugar, but this is of a lesser quality than that made by sugar maple trees. In the fall, the foliage of red sunset maple trees turns a beautiful crimson orange, and is one of the most beautiful trees during this time.

Red sunset maple trees are highly ornamental, especially during the flowering period and in the fall months, but have lovely color year round."

"I haff lots in commun wif da Sunset Mapull", declares Dante.  "We is bof weddish orinj and highly ornamentull."

"Also, didya noes dat da mapull leaf is a pwoud Canadian symbull?", asks Dante. "We even has it on our flag -- rite smack dab in da midull!"

"Heer's sum moar pichurs, mama took of da mapull twee fru da leafs of da cwabappull."

"Such pritty cullers, doan yoo fink?"

"Uh-oh!  Dere's sumwun else who is enjoyin' the leafs in our back yawd!  He's got a two-pack snack in his pointy liddle paws.  Efurrywun wonts a fwee lunch!"

"I chased him, but he got awai AGAIN!!!"

"How hoomiliatin'!"

"O well!  If yoo cant beets 'em, join 'em, dey sai.  I'm gonna enjois the leafs wiles I can."

As the sun sets on Dante and the 'Sunset Maple', all is as it should be.  Seriously.


Kea said...

Your maple tree is turning such a gorgeous colour, Dante. And you look fabulous out there amidst all the leaves!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous colors! There's a silver maple a few blocks from us that turns pale green and silver in the fall--it looks like something out of a fantasy!

meowmeowmans said...

Looking handsome as always, Dante! We loved seeing your maple tree ... stunning!

Amy & the house of cats said...

What a pretty maple tree you have there Dante! We think it is the perfect one for you because it goes so well with your furs! And hey, we know you said you missed the squirrel, but we always have our doubts - we always wonder if you are just making it look that way and really you are just a nice guy and letting them get away - we think that is really what happens! Sure you want them gone, but deep down you don't really want to catch them because if you did you would have no one to chase anymore!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely maple tree. We LOVE the leaves changing color and falling to the ground.

Mr Puddy said...

Dante, That's beautiful color in your backyard.

Admiral Hestorb said... are cullerful and bootyful too. I love yur garden tours. And your wed weafs.

Katnip Lounge said...

Fall colors are something Mommy misses living in the desert...thanks Dante for showing us your lovely tree and your handsome self. Do you want some help with that squirrel? CC is up for it!

The Island Cats said...

We love your sunset maple tree!! It really is one of the prettiest trees in the fall!!

And Dante, that evil squirrel hasta stop taunting you!! He's gonna be in big trouble when you finally catch him!!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful post as always with lovely autumn colors to compliment exquisite Dante; we love his majestic floof=our Mommy would love to bury her face in that gorgeous fur!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

8GR8LOLCATS said...

Fabulous Fall Foliage! Dante U R a cat fur all seasons... U R PURRticularly loFURly in fall! Beautiful Maple Leaves!!!

Marg said...

Hi there Dante. Too bad that darn squirrel got away. Our leaves haven't started to turn at all yet. But it won't be long. Your Maple tree is so pretty. Take care and have a great week end.

Cory said...

Dante, you know what? The orange of the leaves are not nearly as beautiful or magnificent as the orange of your fur!