Thursday, November 8, 2012


Today we are not wordless despite the fact that these pictures are rather breathtaking.  The late afternoon sun afforded me the pleasure of capturing Dante both alight and in deep shadow.  The contrast made for some fantastic photography.

Dante's truly on fire.  Quite appropos for the 1st Hot Mancat of the Blogosphere, don't you think?

 The pale creams and the vibrant reds of Dante's fur just pop in the autumn sun!

 The light filtered through the wicker chair makes for an interesting pattern on Dante's back, while his face virtually glows.

 The shadow brings more depth to Dante's features and fur.

 Dante's so HOT he's melting the frame!

 This close-up provides a detailed look at all of the different shades of red in Dante's tabby face.

 The right side of Dante's face has turned auburn in this mix of sun and shade.

 Dante closes his eyes and bends his head against the FURocity of the sun's blaze, coincidentally making a sundial out of his left ear.

 Dante's whiskers are the highlight in this one!

 The lighter shades in Dante's fur sparkle like gold.

 Dante goes up in flame!

 Dante's ruff nearly reaches his giant toes!

And bringing up the tail end of this collection is, of course, his tail!  Whisps of fur dance lightly in the air as Dante bids you all a fond farewell --fur now.

Time to put this fire out before you all burn up!

And thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the new blog header she made from one of yesterday's pictures.  We love it.