Monday, November 10, 2014


Dante really digs his garden!

 And here's the proof.

After a long day of digging it, however, Dante is ready for a little rest and relaxation in his favourite outdoor chair.   You can see how much he digs dirt, because he's brought some back with him.

 It's not long, though, before his attention turns to other matters.

As it turns out, he also digs checking out the neighpurrhood.

 In fact, he's part of the Neighpurrhood Watch.

"Yoo hasta keep an eye open fur introoders who mite dig yoor digs a liddle too much (if yoo gets my drift) -- dose dirty devils!" declares Dante.

"Nobuddy else will ever dig it as much as me" he says definitively.  "I won't let 'em cuz it's mine -- all mine!  An' I'm gonna let 'em know it da best way I can."