Friday, December 23, 2016


Dante's helping Santa to load presents on his sleigh in this picture from 2010.

At that time he was really into efurrything blue.  You might even call it his "Blue Period"!

Once in a ...

... blue moon on a Christmas Eve ...

... you can see things from a global PURRspective ...

... especially when you're riding in Santa's sleigh.

And as you get closer to Earth, the world seems to slow right down.

In your hometown, all is calm and all is bright blue.

Then suddenly, out of the blue you're home!

There's a sparkling blue wreath on the front door.

And a blue Christmas tree inside ...

... decorated with blue ornaments.

And this time your "glow ball" experience truly warms your hearth ...

... as well as your ever-loving blue heart!

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