Friday, November 13, 2009


This is the second Meet 'n Greet between Dante and Scooter, the woofie, in recent history. Their previous encounter was documented on this blog in a Wordless Wednesday post on November 4th (you can just scroll further down this page to see it, if you wish).

This time around I am calling Scooter a good dog. I guess at one time his beans thought he was bad, because he's had his barking box removed (poor thing)! I tend to think it's the beans fault for not training a woofie properly, rather than the dog's fault for barking too much.

Anyway, Scooter is often walked by another neighbour (not his owner) named Danielle. She lost her own beloved woofie a couple of years ago, and so she bonds with her neighbour's pets now.

Danielle was very frightened the first time Scooter encountered Dante last week, because she said he's usually very nasty with cats. However, I don't think Scooter had any idea that Dante was a cat! Dante is at least as big as Scooter, if not a little larger -- he's certainly taller, anyway.

The first meeting ended very well, and was quite amicable, so this week when Danielle came walking by with Scooter again, she brought him up the driveway. When Dante saw him coming, he rushed right over to greet him. Unfortunately, you only ever see the back of Dante in these pictures, but you get the general idea.

Scooter's tail was wagging madly in a very friendly way. He was delighted to see Dante again! Indeed, when Dante ultimately turned to walk up the porch steps to sit in the porch chair, Scooter pulled on his leash, and Danielle allowed him to follow. Scooter lay right down in front of the chair where Dante was sitting! Unfortunately, the battery in my camera had run down by then, so I didn't capture that part of the visit.

It was so sweet to realize that Scooter actually likes Dante that much. He didn't even want to leave when Danielle finally tugged on his leash and told him it was time to go. She had to encourage him gently, and finally with a brief nod to his new friend, Danielle and Scooter took their leave.

Until next time, amigo!

I wasn't prepared to take a movie, but I guess my camera was on the video setting when I first turned it on (you'll hear my big "whoops"!). This film is a whole two seconds, but if you look quickly, you can see Scooter's tail wagging happily.


Dante is very attracted to woofies. He really doesn't know the difference between cats and dogs either, I think. All he knows is that it's a new little friend. Isn't that sweet?

Dante is as gentle as they come. They don't call Maine Coons "Gentle Giants" for nothing!


One Cats Nip said...

Dante must just have a magnetism about him! Draws the woofies in!

Melvin said...

Goodness! Dante is bigger than that Shnauzer. I wonder what him and Melvin would look like together...

Milo and Alfie said...

We're glad Scooter gotted a chance to show Dante that he is gentle and can like cats. It's a great pity his voice box was removed ~ we're sorry abowt that. It sounds like he had bad press in the past but is really a nice boy.

8GR8LOLCATS said...

So nice that you have a doggie friend! You are as big as a doggie Dante... I can see the bubble over the doggie's head... That cat's on STEROIDS!!!

Elizabeth and Connor said...

We can see the bubble over the woofie's head too-- "big cat, must be nice to the big cat"! It's really a shame about his voice box, though. We'll refrain from saying what we really think.

Everycat said...

Poor Scooter being devocalised, one day that hateful surgery will be banned (along with a couple of others we hope) No such thing as a bad dog or bad cat in our book. Well done Dante for being a good friend to Scooter!

Whicky Wuudler

Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey said...

The first thing we noticed wuz that Dante iz bigger than Scooter! We are glad they got along so nicely.

Eric and Flynn said...

It is nice that Dante and Scooter are friends. We are sad that Scooter was de-barked though.

Simba said...

This is a nice friendship between species! We still smile at Dante being bigger than Scooter.