Monday, December 8, 2014


Dante was sitting out on the front porch yesterday, just thinking.

"Gee, it's reely startin' ta look like Chrismass wif all dis snow!", says he.

And the more he thought, the more festive Dante's mood became.  Now he was getting quite excited.

"I kin hardly wait 'til Santa comes", says Dante breathlessly.  "I'm wunna his biggest advoCATS!"

"Now dat I has myself in gear, dis Crismass is gonna be sumfin verreh, verreh speshul."  Then, with the help of the birdies on his head, Dante breaks into song.

"Cod rest ye merreh gentlecats
Let nuffin yoo dis May ..."

"Cuz a' course Crismass is in Decembrrr -- NOT in May -- so stop restin', get in gear (like me) an' move yoor butts!"

16 shopping days left til Christmas!