Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Dante is spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his fiance, Sascha, at her home in South Carolina.

They are still in a very romantic stage of their relationship, and Christmas serves to bring them even closer.

Tonight, they are going out Christmas carrolling in Sascha's neighpurrhood.

 Dante loves to belt out a tune ...

... and Sascha likes to sing along in PURRfect harmony!

Later that night they returned to Sascha's house, where her family had started a cozy fire before retiring to bed to leave the two lovers alone together.

There was lots and lots of cuddling before ...

... they finally leaned in for a kiss!

There's absolutely no doubt that these two are still sweet on each other!

Could this mean there are PURRhaps wedding bells in the near future?

With Love from Dante and Sascha