Thursday, December 18, 2014


Dante's out on the PURRowl looking for those who are needy.

 He has a sleigh full of presents to give out.

But then he saw these tiny animals hunkered down under a tree, and he realized that his Christmas gifts weren't going to cut it.

So Dante took a trip to the grocery store and returned with bags and bags of carrots.

"Not efurrywun needs da same fing", said he.  "Creechurs great an' creechurs small has verreh different requiremints."

"Creechurs great, like movie stars and royalties fink dey need lots an' lotsa carats ta wear on dere fingahs an' toes."

"But creechurs small ackshully need lotsa carrots jus' to survive da wintah!"

"Sumtimes it's da small fings in life dat is most impawtant" concludes Dante.

Rabbits efurrywhere are cheering for Dante's conclusion which has inspired his new
 Christmas Carrot Campaign.  Now THAT'S what Christmas is all about!