Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dante has certainly done more than his duty this past week by posing ad nauseum for me and my ever-present camera. Now that it's Sunday, he wants to take it easy, and he has his own peculiar way of letting me know. It may be the silent treatment, but it's certainly effective.

So let's put it to rest and meyawnder on over to Dreamland with Dante!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


These pictures were taken last Saturday when we had our company for dinner. So, Dante has not been subjected to being dressed up since. This is just so you know that I don't torture him every single day. Only on special occasions!

Truth be told, Dante is very amenable to wearing his shirt -- it doesn't seem to faze him at all. It's a very good fit, and goes on and comes off quite easily.

I chose these shots for today's post, not because of the Superman shirt, but because of the scenic backdrop and the natural lighting effects which lit up Dante's fur.

Dante does look rather dapper in his shirt, though I must admit that Dante 'au naturel' is definitely better. Even the shirt couldn't mar the beauty of these images, though.

So, behold my dapper, sun-dappled Dante in all his Supermancat glory!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


This is me, Dante. Mama dressed me up in my Supermancat shirt again 'cause we was having company an' da lady wanted to see me in it. Don't I look cute? (Blech!)

Domino an' me was waiting fur da company to get here. Den when dey did, Domino just disappeart and I was left to be de only victim. (Dylan nefur even came outside.)

When I is Supermancat I always tries to do my duty, so I sucked it up and let the Johnbean pick me up. He wanted to has his pichur taken wif me so he could shows it off to his furiends. I didunt even struggle. I wanted to struggle, but I didnut.

Den da lady, called Dellabean, wanted to hold me, too! You kin tell I was really not happy 'bout dat, but again, I just goes wif da flow. Dere was even evil squirrel tauntin' me frum behind. (If you look on the tree behind Dellabean, you will see it, laffin'!).

Finally, dey let me go, but dey still wanted me to entertain dem, so I played a liddle game of chase with dat squirrel. It made de beans laff. Dey tot it was even funnier 'cause I was in my Supermancat uniform.

Den dey all comed inside fur dinner. Mama let me sit at da table wif dem, and gived me a lick of butter on a plate. She took off my shirt so I could finally relax. Mama said I was a very good boy an' gived me a big hug and kiss.

A real mancat does his duty even when it isn't any fun. Supermancats go above an' beyond dere duty. An' I am Supermancat on Mancat Monday and efurry day of da weak!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Behold Dante lazing by his favourite bush. He's really chilled out and not even the evil squirrels can budge him from his reverie.

"Life is good", says Dante. "Why ruin it by making the wrong move?"

So take Dante's example this Sunday and just be still.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


While, we're busy celebrating "Tweet Week" over on our 3-D Cats blog, I thought I'd just post a few more headshots, here, of Dante.

Dante always likes to keep ahead of his game, but sometimes they get ahead of him. Those evil squirrels are quite wily little demons.

Anyway, before I digress further, I'll actually stop here and just let you enjoy the show.

P.S. Some folks have been asking me for "prints" of Dante's photos. I have no hard copies, but please feel free to maximize the pictures and print them off for yourself, if you like. The more the admirerer, as far as Dante is concerned!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is Dante, my bush baby. No, he has not morphed into some other species of beast! I call him this because he loves to sit under this one particular bush which basically marks the property line between our neighbour's front yard and our own. Also, Dante himself is quite bushy. Does this make any sense?

Real bush babies are sort of cute (in that so ugly, it's cute kind of way) -- but they are very tiny and have buggy eyes. Of course, then there's Barbara and Jenna Bush -- they're Bush babies too, but a whole lot prettier and much taller than the animal kind.

Anyway, I digress (as usual)! Lately, it's been hard to take a bad picture of Dante and these are no exception. I hope you enjoy seeing Dante and his fafurite bush. (No offence, but Dante wasn't a real fan of George, so the ex-President was never really in the running -- for fafurite bush, that is.)

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Friday, September 11, 2009


These are some of the best of the best from my most recent photoshoots of Dante. I think they speak for themselves.

Suffice it to say, that Dante has been called the "Robert Redfurrd of the Cat World" (and not by me!).

If Dante had to choose one or two photos for his modelling portfolio, which ones would they be?

P.S. Biggify for maximum viewing pleasure.

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