Friday, July 27, 2012


Today, Dante is determined to prove the depths of his floof.  He is very dedicated to it.

"Dere -- I fink I has PROOFen my FLOOFen, doan yoo?"

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dante's relaxing on the front patio.  The bricks feel cool today because the temPURRatures are much lower, and there's even a beautiful breeze blowing from time to time.

 "Ah, dis is da life!", says Dante.

 "It's jus' yoo an' me, Mama!"

Things just couldn't be better!  Or could they?

"Only wun fing's bodderin' me", says Dante slightly annoyed.

 "I feels like I has sumfin' up my butt!"

"How do yoo fink I feel?", asks Stone Kitty.

It would appear that Stone Kitty has the BUTTer of you this time, Dante!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dante is in the basket chair on the front porch.  Today is Sunday so he's having a ball just relaxing and looking around to see what he can see.  When the sun touches him, he seems to melt into one luscious fur puddle in varying shades of orange -- from his russet tabby stripes to his creamy peachy underbelly and every hue in-between.

"At least I didunt hasta jump fru hoops to entertain yoo", says Dante.  "I still scored by stayin' still.  An' so kin yoo!"


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dante received this award from "Twinkletoe Tales".  It's not often that he gets an award all by himself (more commonly along with his brother and sister), so thank you very much to Oui Oui and her furbling cohorts.

Apparently, once you get this award you are supposed to tell seven -- count 'em seven -- things about the awardee.  So here goes:

  1. Two of Dante's most-used nicknames are "Baboon" and "Puddy Footy".  Now you may think the first one is because he's some kind of monkey, but actually it's a combination of the first three letters from "Baby" and the last three letters from "Coon". 
  2. The second nickname came naturally because when Dante lies next to me -- on the back of the couch for instance -- he likes to put his feet on me.  I just love it, of course, and will often call him -- nay, beg him -- to come put his footy on me.  I say "C'mon Puddy Footy, put your footy on me!"  This picture of Dante outside with stone kitty gives you an idea of how he hangs down the back of the couch to reach out and touch someone -- that someone being moi. 

3.  Dante has a sweet little lip that he just loves to have kissed.  Wanna smooch?

He will raise his face to anyone to give them a kiss.  Although he can't actually pucker, he still likes to touch lips.  The following pictures show Dante kissing a couple of our guests with whom he is not overly familiar.  Dante is an equal opportunity kisser.

POW!  Right in da kissah!

4.  Dante is very sociable and likes to join us when we have company for dinner.  Typically he sits near me on one of the side chairs and waits for something to eat.  Sometimes he will even dress for dinner if it's a special occasion -- like at Christmas!

 Got milk -- but where are the cookies?

Dante just loves when someone butters him up! 

Even dining al fresco, Dante likes to get into the mix!

5.  Dante will sometimes eat with his paws.  

Instead of putting his face in the bowl of kibble, Dante will fish out pieces with his paw and put them in his mouth.  Dante's kibble is actually Maine Coon sized, so it is easier to pick up than the more typical fare (although he tries that, too).  If I give him pieces of meat -- like HAM or chickHEN -- he will also pick it up with his paw and place it in his mouth.  I believe his claws play an essential part in this.  Sometimes, if it's a particularly large piece of meat, he will then carry it in his mouth off to another spot (where he can be alone to devour it).  Does this sound like wildcat behaviour or what?

Dante is one of those cats who also scrapes at his water dish and splashes the top of the water with his paw before drinking.  This is apparently another behaviour inherited from his wild ancestors who typically tested the water with their paw before imbibing.
6.  Dante actually does CHASE squirrels from time to time.  I know most of the more recent pics show him just watching them, but when the opportunity is right, he takes off after them.  Truth be told, it seems like more a game than a hunt.  The squirrels actually seem to enjoy it, too, and will come back asking for more.  "Chase me, chase me", they squeal. 

Who knew Dante could move that fast?

7.  Dante is very good friends with Crazy Cat Lady Carm.  In fact, she is the one who first discovered him
and suggested to Mama that she start a blog, and then introduced her to the CB.

Now Dante and I are cheerleaders for Carm in her fight against Multiple Myeloma.  She's a strong and feisty lady who maintains a sense of humour even through the most difficult times.  We love you, Carm!

So, because we love her so much, we are giving this "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" to Carm.  She is a real inspiration to us.  We give it to you, freely, Carm without expectation.

We would also like to pass this award along to the following bloggers:
Spitty-the-Kitty (because we want to know more about him)
Katnip Lounge (because their Mom will come up with something really freaky)
Housecat Confidential (because Quill is so darn cute and his Mom is a great writer)
Sweet Purrfections (because Truffle and Brulee are so irresistible)
Brian's Home (because he is so dedicated to the welfare of homeless kitties)
Rumblebum (because Rumbles is a fellow Maine Coon and Hammy is a clown)
Kudos to all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's Thursday and Dante is in front checking out the state of the garden after more than a week of very high temPURRatures.  The grass has certainly suffered, but the plants aren't doing too badly, though they're not as lush as before.  Daddy kept up with the watering as Dante had instructed.

 And again, there is something new here.  Can you see it?

 "Wot about now?", asks Dante.  "Duz yoo fink it looks like me, PURRhaps?"

 It's a new kitty garden ornament! It was a gift from Auntie Susan (Mommy's friend and neighbour, and adopted Auntie to Dante, Dylan and Domino).   It's a metal sculpture that fits PURRfectly in the pots amongst all the flowers.  Dante and Mommy just LOVE it!

 And speaking of new -- here's another recent addition to the eFUR-growing number of cat statues in this aptly named "Cat Garden".  In fact, it's so new that Mommy hasn't even PURRmanently planted the violets in it yet.  More to come on that another day.

 Which cat ornament does Mommy think is the most speCATular of all?

 Why, Dante, of course!

 Here he is lounging under his favourite tree and PURRusing all the beauty around him.

 The irony is that he has never seen the beauty that is he.

Dante in the garden is evocative of John Keats classic poem "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever" ...

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing ...

... Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth ..."

Well said, John Keats.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 ... Easy pickin's, that is!

 "Hey, how's it goin' up dere?"

 "Jus' fine, fanks -- an' wot about yoo?"

"Cudn't be bettah.  By da way -- wot's yoor name?" 

 "My name is PICKINS -- EASY PICKINS.  An' wot shud I call yoo?"

"Jus' call me home for suppurr!" 

"So, yoor a homeboy are yoo?" 

"Wanna join me fur sumfin' to eat?"

"Mebbe sum uddah time, fanks -- i jus' had lunch."

"Well, cum fur suppurr den -- I kin wait", says Dante very patiently.

All things come to he who waits, and when all is said and done, it IS an EASY Sunday.

Let's fire up the BBQ!