Thursday, July 28, 2011


:: 3 paw taps ::

Dante is out in the jungle we call our back yard.  Even though it's only the end of July, there have already been some changes that one would normally associate with autumn. 

"Yes", says Dante.  "Da cwabappull twee has cwabappulls now, an' sum of da leefs is turnin' yellow!!!"


 "Jus' look at all da yellow leefs on da gwound alreddy, too!", exclaims Dante.

"I finks I bettah doo sum furtilizin' before itz too late!" 

And as the camera hones in on Dante doing his thing, it's impossible not to notice yet another unseasonal change.  Dante's getting his winter coat already!!!  Just look at how his mane and underbelly furs have thickened!!!

And look at that tail all poofed out!

It's still only July and there's lots more hot weather to come.  Why has Mother Nature made his fur coat swell to such proportions so early?

Is Dante foretelling a harsh and early winter???  I sure hope not.

"Da pwoof is in da floof!", declares Dante.  "Oh, an' wun last fing ...."

"Duz yoo wemembah da willow bush dat taked Daddy ovah a monf ta twim, an' we fawt it wuz deaded?"

"Jus' look at it now!" 
Like Dante's fur, the willow bush has gone wild.  Who would have thunk it?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's Sunday, and today is a little cooler, so Dante is taking advantage of this respite to lounge in one of the patio chairs.

"Jus' let it all hang out", he says, "an' relax."
Have an Easy Sunday efurryone!

Friday, July 22, 2011


The weather is excruciatingly hot and humid right now in southern Canada and just about all of the United States.

Dante wants to do whatever he can to help, so he asked me to post some of his coolest winter pictures to help efurryone to chill. 

Welcome to the frozen tundra of the Arctic ...

Just imagine the ice all around you.

 And the cold wind blowing ...

... and whipping through your hair!

Think what it would be like to immerse yourself in a snowbank...

... surrounded by tall, frosty, white drifts.

And if that doesn't do it for you, then fantasize about standing on ice until your feet are just about frozen.

Eating homemade PAWpsicles is very effective in cooling down your core temPURRature.  And they're tasty, too!

Dante and I hope we have been of some service to you during this sweltering heat-wave.  Any time you think you just can't stand it, PAWp on over and chill out with us!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's Sunday, and it's such a beautiful day.  Dante has a day off from all of his various garden duties.  For a change, he just gets to enjoy his surroundings passively.

 It's a sight to behold --  Dante beholding his garden!
 "HOLD all yoo BEES", declares Dante, "at leest wilst I'm relaxin'.  Go away an' cum again anudder day."
"In udder words BUZZ OFF!", says he in no uncertain terms.

Now Dante is free to stop and smell the flowers without fear of rePURRcussions from the Muhammed Alis of the insect world.

Even when he's in passive mode, a cautious pussycat is always A-ware and BEE-ware of his surroundings.  It makes for a peaceful and relaxing Sunday in the garden.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


:: 3  paw taps ::

As you know, Dante knows no boundaries when it comes to gardens.  Point in case is the "rock garden" that belongs to our neighbour, although half of it spills onto our proPURRty.  This is where the huge blue spruce took root lo twenty years ago.  The ground is covered with rocks, through which various ground covers sprout, and there is a bush at the end of the garden which displays snowballs only in summer. Go figure!

This is where we find Dante today.

Dante is dreaming of squirrels and salivating at the thought.  He saw one come this way earlier, so it's a good oppurrtunity to explore the rock garden.

There's lots of rocks here. 

They're kinda hard on the tootsies!

Smells like something tasty came this way!

Dante's pupils widen as he spots one of those tasty morsels dashing away!

It's best to go undercover and keep on high alert.

Looking this way and that!

While he's waiting, Dante strikes one of his ornamental poses.  Even rocks can look good with Dante on top!

Quick as lightning, not one but two tasty morsels make their escape.  Dante was distracted by the camera.

"Dat's da last time I poses fur yoo!", he exclaims in disgust.

"Even if dis gardin rocks, I'm outta heer!  Gotta find a bettah place to prey."

The hunt is on.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The comment I get more often than any other is that Dante resembles a lion.  There are certain poses that reinforce this idea, and today, Dante is such a poser.

He is giving a lesson in how to Relax and be Regal at the same time -- a little R&R, Dante-style!

Some of you may have seen these before, but here again are some 'Lookalikes' for comparison PURRposes.

His Royal Highness, King of His Jungle, wishes you all some well-deserved R&R in your own style, this Sunday.   Time for a snooze!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, it's Thursday again and Dante is out in the front.  Not too much has changed, except the spireas are now blooming, and all of the potted plants have filled out to overflowing.

"Heer I yam on da front lawn.  It's verreh shadeh, as yoo kin see."

"In dis wide shot, yoo kin see the spyreas is bloomin'.  Dey has bootiful deep pink flowahs", says Dante.

"I wontid ta show yoo a closah vyoo of Kitty Buddah, too.  I finks he's kinda kyoot -- he shur likes ta smile.  We has a big Kitty Buddah and a little Kitty Buddah.  Dey is bof mai Buddah Buddies!"

"Dese is da pots on one side of da walk ...

... an' dese are da wuns on da udder side.  See how dey is spillin' rite out ovah da top?"

"I has sum serious bizness to attend to", declares Dante.

"Domino, yoo stand gard wiles I checks fings out.  Dere has defunitely bin sum introoders heer.  Dey  nocked ovah sum of da garden kittehs an' leeved a trail of peenuts as a cloo!"

"I is gonna hasta step up mai vigilance, dat's fur shur.  By da way, look at dese lovely pots.  Wif all da rain an' da hi heats, dey has growed like crazy!"

"Heer I yam doin' mai ornamental duty.  Itz jus' wun of da many fings I doo in da garden."

"Speekin' of dat, dere's anudder garden dat needs mai help efun more!"

"Mommeh says dis garden belongs to our nayPURRs, but I says itz MINE!"

"If it wuzn't MINE, cud I lie heer like dis?"

"Or like dis?"

"Since it's MINE, I'm gonna pose in it to makes it more bootiful ...

... cuz dat's wot I doo!"

"I jus' wontid to point out dat dere's still lotsa work to be dun heer.  It's a garden-in-PURRogress!"

"I hope I has made mai point.  What's MINE is MINE, and what's dere's is MINE!"

"See ya next week!"