Tuesday, June 30, 2009


(Biggify fur maximum viewing pleasure)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Dante's just relaxing and taking it easy today. So let's all be extra quiet and let him get in a nap or two without further ado. SHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Have a supurrb Sunday everyone and we'll see you tomorrow!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Many of you have commented how well Dante stands out against the green of the grass. Indeed, it's almost as if Dante was born to spend his life romping in the verdant fields of summer.

In these pictures, I feel like Dante almost looks like an angel with the edges of his fur lit by the sun, and the green as contrast all around him to root him temporarily to this earth.

I was able to take several photos of Dante through the flowering bushes which added an extra little pop of natural colour. It's almost as if Dante is one with nature (except for that darned leash marring the illusion!).

So, I pray you enjoy this latest display of my darling mancat, Dante, even though I tend to inundate the internet with his image at every opportunity. Here's hoping you haven't tired of my grass angel, quite yet.

Friday, June 19, 2009


After breakfast and a nice scritchen, Dante relaxes in the back in the still early morning.

Daddy picks up Dante and then attempts to give him a little snuggle before he begins his daily rounds.

Dante wanders over to check out the neighpurr's porch, where a little chipmunk has his home in a hole in the foundation. But then Dante becomes alerted to what Dylan has already seen -- that dang squirrel!

Dante takes time to schmooze with his furblings -- they just enjoy hanging out togefur, until Dylan makes a furry inapurropurriate move!

Dante takes a moment to relax and sniff the plague ratsie -- inhaling its intoxiCATing scent, when suddenly something moves off in the distance!

Dante purrsues the evil squirrel, but too quickly it runs up the tree, so he is left with no option but to dance. Trees make great partners!

After all that activity, Dante needs a little refreshment, and the birdbath (er water bowl) is close at paw!

Dante comes face to face with his nemesis, the Squirrel, but gentlecat that he is, he lets him get away (again)!

Dante reflects on all his adventures that day before going back inside for the night.

Dante has a nosh or two, some treats, and a cuddle, and finds a good place to settle down for the evening -- sometimes on top of the cat tree, sometimes on a favourite chair. As sleep washes over him, he bids you all a fond good night!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dante found a nice place to lounge and shelter under the cat bench this morning. He added another essential element to the cat garden, as well, i.e., a living, breathing being to inhabit it.

As usual, his attention was attracted by those show-offs known as squirrels, and this is why Dante has his alerts on.

It was just a lovefurly day outside -- not too hot and not too cool, with a light breeze blowing -- purrfect for feeling at one with the unifurse!

And Dante is not the least bit upset about being benched fur the season -- in fact, he thinks it's "a little bit of alright". He's even giving his bench a high-five in the end.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's an easy Sunday morn, and Dante is lounging on the deck bench relaxing -- even too chill to nosh on his pile of treats. His lingering sleepiness is still evident and he's just enjoying waking up efur so slowly!

He certainly sets a good example for Sunday T&R (Treat and Retreat).

P.S. Biggify these, if you dare! The furst one is especially awesome.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Quite simply, this is Dante's tail. I've had many cats before but he is the first one that had a tail that actually resembled a feather -- or a plume, shall we say. Although up close, the tail doesn't look purrticularly long, when you see it attached to the beast, it is as long as his body, itself.

It has a diffurent appurrance on the under side, and when lifted becomes very floofy and unfeatherlike. The colour of the fur on the underside is also much lighter than on the top. The tail twists and turns in various incarnations, each of which has its own distinct charm.

So after telling all, it's the end of this tail! (Not so short, but very sweet!)