Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday, we showed you Dante racing to get back inside.  Today we will show you what he did just before his triumphant return.

Dante first surveys the vast expanse of white before choosing a destination.

He then embarks on a long trek through the snow!

Suddenly, he gets wind of something ...

... and he's really digging it!

Ah!  That's a relief!

Can't a mancat get any PURRivacy?

 Might as well just go with the flow!   Tinkle, tinkle ...

And then there's the cover-up oPURRation!
Dante has a motto ...

"LEAF nothing behind ...

... even when your behind has just been reLEAFed!"
Dig it?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's a milder day today, and Dante is taking it sitting down.

There's not much going on out there.

In fact it's kind of boring!

(Biggify for the awe factor)

But boring is just as easy as snoring -- so it's PURRfect for a Sunday morning!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today is a most auspicious occasion, because our beloved Lacocoon Dante turns 10 years old!  He is just as sprightly and handsome as ever.

Dante was born at the Lacocoon Cattery in Lacolle, Quebec.  And look who is on their home page!  Dante is also one of their Ambassadors.  Scroll down the page until you find him by name.

Here is Dante soon after birth, having a snack at the lunch counter with his siblings -- courtesy of his cat mama, Lacocoon Eleanor Rigby.

You can see that little red sucker right at the bottom.

I first met Dante when he was 4 weeks old, but didn't bring him home until he was 11 weeks.

This is shortly after he came to live with us.  Doesn't he look just like a little PURRince?

Dante met his sister Domino and took to her right away.  In this picture Domino is about two years old, and Dante is around six months.

Here is Dante at a little over a year old.  He is babysitting his nephew Boomer who also shared his January 15th birthday.  Dante loves other cats  ...

... and woofies, too!

Dante is also a big fan of his younger brother, Dylan.

Dante has many interests including shopping ...

... modelling for big-name brands ...

... and most of all, hunting!

Dante is also famous (some would say infamous) on the popular "Cute with Chris" website.  If you click on this link you will see a Dante hunting episode in full detail.  Just keep clicking on the red links to see the entire story.

Dante had so many of his pictures on "Cute with Chris" over the years, that Chris actually made a banner of Dante and titled his last web video "Dante, Dante, Dante".

(NOTE:  Chris Leavins has since gone on to bigger and better things.  He is an actor, currently starring in "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" on the Space Network.)

When I asked Dante what he wanted to do for his 10th birthday, he said "A Treasure Hunt"!  So, I have accumulated several treasures which you -- all of his guests -- are invited to plunder.  On the buffet table are:

... an entire tank of fresh fish of all different varieties. 

Hope you like sushi!

There's a cage full of multi-coloured birdies  (mmmm, tastes like chick-hen!) ...

... a basket full of garter snakes (apPETizer size)!

The fun thing about the snakes is that you can play with them before you eat them!

And for dessert, there's that MOUSEwatering deliCATcy -- MICECREAM (who needs cake?).

This is one occasion where it's okay to play with your food.  So come on over to the party and join the hunt.  We're going to let them all loose so you can have a game of 'hide and seek' before having a nosh.  We'll be waiting for you with BAITed breath!

Happy 10th Birthday, King Dante --
May the sun shine on you FUReFUR!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


If any of you read our "Wendys 3-D Cats" blog you'll know that we have recently been infested with all kinds of beasties.  Our yard has been trampled, leaving footprints of various sizes, going to and coming from our front walk.


So far none of the culPURRits have been PAWSitively identified, but now Dante's on the case.

"I spies wif mai little eye ...

... an introoder!!!

Dante settles down on the bench to keep watch.

"Da wily little fing is makin' himself rite at home!", says Dante.

The introoder just stares right back at Dante through the bushes.
"I has mai liddle eye on yoo, too!", taunts the tiny black terrorist. 

So, it's a stand-off -- and a stare-off!  They're both maintaining a comfortable distance from each other ...

...  but keeping their eyes tightly locked -- which begs the question ...
  Who is gonna blink first?

Sunday, January 8, 2012


With the temPURRatures going up and down (more down than up), Dante is taking the opportunity to get some fresh air on a mild day.  Most days, he doesn't even want to stick his nose outside.

Dante hops up onto the basket chair on the front porch, thus avoiding any snow or ice on his tender tootsies.

I've included this 'tock shot for those of you who are 'tock afficiandos, although Dante's back end tends to look more like "Cousin Itt" (of the Adams Family).  I dare you to find an actual buttock in there anywhere!

 It doesn't take him long to settle down.

Ah, there's nothing like being outdoors on a winter Sunday if you truly want to chill!

 Curling up with that big Coon tail does keep the edge off, though.

 "Life is good", says Dante, inhaling the crisp, cool air.

Why not do like Dante?  Just breathe and relax.  The simplest things in life are the best.
Have a great Sunday, efurryone!