Thursday, September 30, 2010


This week Dante is in the front garden.  If you recall, last week in the back garden, he was trying to determine the cause of leaves turning yellow and falling to the ground.

Well, much to Dante's dismay (because it's September -- not May!), the same thing is happening here.

"Da poison mus' be sPURReadin'!", says Dante. 

"Dere's even moar leefs heer dan in the back yawd!"

Just then the Number One suspect dashes by before Dante can question him about his nefarious activities.

"Hehehe -- suckah!  Catch me if you can."

But like quicksilver (who new silver was quick?), the evil beastie vanishes, as if into thin air. "He leeved his nuts behind", says Dante (all too aware of his own that were stolen when he was quite young.)

Just then Dante spies another culprit.  It seems the list of suspects is just growing!

It's that pesky pug from next door pooing on the lawn.  PURRhaps, that's the poison!

But again, before Dante can question her, she's off, leaving the evidence behind.  Dante is somewhat reluctant to obtain a sample of this evil deed.

When Dante looks up he spies another evil squirrel in the tree branches.  You can see how all the leaves are turning yellow around him -- and as Dante watches even more leaves fall to the ground.  This squirrel still has it's nuts, though -- lucky fellow!

So, Dante prepares to scale the tree to confront his nemesis, but finds it imPAWsible.

So he settles for taking another sample of the bark for testing. 

"I will compares dis sampull wif da sampull from da back gardin and see if it's da same poison.  We has to stop da leefs fallin' before dey becomes eckstinkt.  Wen sumfing is eckstinkt, it smells up  efurryfing arownd it."

Dante is extremely dismayed to find fallen leaves even in the driveway.

"I finks dis PURRoblem is bigger dan I tot", says he.  "Is up ta me ta safe da whole whirled frum eckSTINKshun."

Tune in next week to see the results of the lab tests.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dante's had an exhausting morning chasing evil squirrels.  Mom put out peanuts and it was like the black plague had descended.  Unfortunately, Dante was on his leash, which greatly hampered the hunt.

So, here he is relaxing on the front walk for a well-deserved rest.

At this point, Dante spies more vicious squirrels on the approach.  Mom had sprinkled some nuts on the walkway, too, and the pesky things aren't shy when it comes to getting their food.

Dante was just too pooped to peep, so he just laid back and enjoyed the show!  There's always tomorrow when it comes to chasing squirrels.

We hope we've made your Sunday a little easier --
at least on your eyes!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Things are starting to change in the garden.  Dante is out back doing a thorough inspection, trying to determine the cause.

"Dere seems to bees a PURRoblem wif da twees in da back yawd", says Dante.

"Lookit!  Sum of da leefs is turnin' yellow and den fallin' on da grownd."

"Dis is a case fur Twee Inspectah Dante!"

"Do yoo fink it cud be dose evil skwirrels poisonin' da twee?"

"I'm lookin' fur evidents.  I looks up high."

"An' I takes sampulls of da bawk fur testin' PURRposes."

"Den I duz a sniff test way down low.  Smells OK."

"Mai visyooall inspecshun also didunt weveel anyfing untoward."

"I gess we jus' hasta wates fur da lab weport.  In da meentime, itz gettin' kinda messy arownd heer."

"An' dats all I hasta sai, fur now".

The End

Thursday, September 16, 2010


There's not much doing in the garden, front or back, these days, except for the constant need for pest control.  Even if you are sick and tired of seeing evil squirrels, you can't be as sick of it as Dante is.  This is something he must deal with, day in and day out!

So, today Dante is really in the mood to commit pesticide.  Squirrels beware!

In the garden on alert, Dante suddenly spies ...

... a pest!

Dante rushes over as fast as he can.  Look at the dogged (?) determination in his eyes!

But by the time he got there, the darned thing had already scaled the tree (and Dante's not one for climbing -- he has a problem with gravity, you see).

So Dante plants himself (a good thing to do in a garden) at the bottom of the tree to wait it out!  He's got all day if need be.

After some time, Dante withdraws to a greater distance to lull the pest into a false sense of security.  Oddly enough, Dante has learned to be patient from tending his impatience (pictured in the foreground) all summer long.

Suddenly, the taunting little beast appears at the bottom of the pine tree.  He must have escaped through the higher branches.  You can almost hear it in its singsong voice going "Nah, nah nah, nah, nah nah!".

At top speed (for Dante, who isn't as quick as his furblings), Dante rushes the squirrel!

Now he has the pest's attention!  The cheeky devil!

And just as Dante finally hones in on his target ...

... the pest takes flight!

Let's face it -- the smaller the beast, the less the pull of gravity.  Dante doesn't face a chance of ever actually catching one of these things.  They are just too fast for him.

However, even though Dante's dreams of committing pesticide have not come to fruition, he has still attained his PURRimary goal as Head of Garden Pest Control (which is just another of his ancillary duties, along with garden ornament and fertilization).  The pest is gone -- for now!

Dante is quite philosophical about the day's events.  He realizes he must adjust his goals to come within realistic expectations.

So he must continue the fight, day by day, in an effort to save this garden from PESTilence and ruin.

A pussycat's work is never done!