Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Ah, it's a beautiful crisp cold morning, and Dante is going for a hike in the snow!

He got up right at the crack of dawn to make the very most of the day.

 "Is so bootiful early in da mornin'", says he "an' efurryfing is sooooo quiet."

Dante walked and walked further into the woods where the snow was very deep.  It took a long time and it was getting harder and harder to move on.

Then he noticed that it was getting dark, and he was getting very hungry -- and thirsty, too!  Home seemed very far away.

Home was all he wanted, but before heading back he needed a little reFUReshment.  So, using his best survival skills, he made do with the snow that was in abundance all around him.  At least it quenched his thirst, even if it didn't fill his tummy!

 Now it was ever-so-dark, but Dante was undaunted and kept moving at an ever-faster pace.  Home was calling (even though his name wasn't E.T.)!

And then -- there it was!  The lights were on at home and his furry pals were there to greet him.  "Ware has yoo bin all dis time?" they asked.  "We tot yoo was lost!"

It donned on Dante that this was a more beautiful sight than anything he had seen all day -- even at dawn.

It wasn't long before Dante settled into his favourite chair beside the fire. 

He had a full tummy and ...

... a warm feline in his heart!

 "Home is ware da hearth is, aftah all!", says he with a sigh of contentment.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'll bet you thought I was going to talk about Dante's multi-hued natural fur coat, but no.  He got a new tartan plaid, faux-fur trimmed coat for Christmas!  It has shades of green, blue, black, red, yellow and white.

And here he is in it ...

 "At leest now I has a YARN ta tell yoo abowt", says Dante. 

 "As far as I kin see, it's like a blankit wif holes fur my arms, an' a hood fur my head."

 "An' fank heavens da hood duzn't covah my ears, an' I kin still turn my head wifout bein' blindid by da wite."

"I still likes my own fur coat da best.  Furget all dese unnachural fibrrrs!  It'll be a cold day before yoo sees me warin' dis fing again."

However, it's winter and it's pretty much cold every day,  so I guess we'll be seeing more of Dante in his new coat-of-many-colours very soon.  Since he can't get away SCOT free, he might as well be no-BULL about it, wear that tartan, and fling it about with all the PURRide he can muster!

And he even has the pipes for it!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Dante's favourite place to relax at this time of year is in the wing chair beside the Christmas tree.

 This chair also happens to be next to the fireplace, so when it's lit Dante gets downright toasty.

 However, for this series of pictures, Dante's sole source of light is from the Christmas tree.

 And enhancement by a special effect here and there.
"I'm alreddy speshul enuff wifout yoor effecks", says Dante.
"Granted", says I.

 At the moment, Dante doesn't appear to be sleepy, just rather bored.

 So, me taking pictures is a nice distraction, especially when he deigns to look at the camera.

"Did I speak too soon?  Are those sleepy eyes I see?"

 "All da bettah to NOT see yoo wif!", exclaims Dante doing his best big bad wolf imPURRession.

 "Chrismuss is nice but sumtimes, it's jus' soooooooooooo boring!"

"It turns yoor world upside down an' den leaves yoo alone wif a tree in yoor livingroom." 

"Kinda eary isn't it?"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It was one year ago at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve that Dante popped the ultimate question to Sascha, and she came back with a resounding 'YES'!!!

They've been lots of places and done lots of things over the past year and haven't had time yet to plan a wedding.

This is Dante's Christmas card to his furever love, Sascha.  All he wants for Christmas is to make her happy.

Inside the gift box is a snowglobe with the house that Dante and Sascha want to buy.  It's an older farmhouse with plenty of land where they can raise chick-hens, amongst other farm animals.

What a sight it would be to wake up to THIS every morning!
Fresh meat.

It's sure better than looking at this every day, isn't it Sascha?
(This is Brian, of 'Brian's Home' who is Sascha's big brother.)

There are obvious sparks between these two flames which Christmas can so easily ignite.  We wish for them that their dreams for the future will all come true.

What a great couple they make!  Sascha is obviously over the moon about Dante and he's just plain cuckoo for her.

We join the happy couple in wishing all of you, too, a very Merry Christmas and dreams fulfilled in 2014!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Dante is endeavouring to help the reTAIL business this Christmas by sitting in store windows and flashing his magnificent tail.

"How much is that kitty in the window?
Mew, mew
The one with the swi-i-shing tail!
How much is that kitty in the window?
Mew, mew
I do hope that kitty's for sale"

Of course, Dante himself is NOT for sale, but he sure tends to attract a lot of attention.  And no store is closer to his heart than "The Lion's Den" which sells all kinds of stuffed toy lions and other leonine PURRaphenalia.

He's just like one of the FURmily.

One thing for sure, for Dante there's no lion down on the job this Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013


Today, Dante is taking a little elf training from the big guy, himself!  Santa's in his cups (no wonder his nose is red!), and feeling especially generous towards his newest recruit.

"I mus' say, Santa shur noes how ta TREAT his elves right!", exclaims Dante, looking at the pile that Santa has given him.

"It makes me feel verreh Santamental about Chrismuss", says Dante Elf.

"And I feel very ornamental about you!", says Santa.

"Let's face it, Santa", says Dante.  "We're both jus' mental!"

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Today, Dante is PURRactising for the big night ahead.  He and some of his friends are going out carolling.

 House, our resident mouse, is helping Dante to keep in rhythm.  He believes that 'good conduct' is becoming any time of year, but even moreso at Christmas.

Meanwhile, Dante's guinea pig friends are deep into their own rehearsals.  Fred, Ginger and Horatio just can't wait to get started for real.  From the look of the street lamps, it won't be long now.

Better bring a shovel, Dante, to dig your friends out of that snowbank!  And make sure they don't leave any unwanted dePAWsits behind.

Looks like they're going to have a ball (or two, or three, or four)!

Uh-oh, here comes Dad.  O noes -- not the slowblower!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Dante's on the hunt for this year's Christmas tree.  He's gone deep into the woods so he can have the best selection.

Dante enlisted the help of some of his forest friends because they know trees both inside and out.

Then suddenly there it was -- the PURRfect Christmas tree!  All his friends agreed.

Once the tree was home, Dante had a real BALL decorating it.  However, being not only a Magnificent Maine Coon, but a magnanimous one, he left the lights and garlands, etcetera, for the rest of us to put on.

Thanks to Dante, we are pleased and PURRoud to present our Christmas Tree 2013!