Saturday, December 28, 2013


Dante's favourite place to relax at this time of year is in the wing chair beside the Christmas tree.

 This chair also happens to be next to the fireplace, so when it's lit Dante gets downright toasty.

 However, for this series of pictures, Dante's sole source of light is from the Christmas tree.

 And enhancement by a special effect here and there.
"I'm alreddy speshul enuff wifout yoor effecks", says Dante.
"Granted", says I.

 At the moment, Dante doesn't appear to be sleepy, just rather bored.

 So, me taking pictures is a nice distraction, especially when he deigns to look at the camera.

"Did I speak too soon?  Are those sleepy eyes I see?"

 "All da bettah to NOT see yoo wif!", exclaims Dante doing his best big bad wolf imPURRession.

 "Chrismuss is nice but sumtimes, it's jus' soooooooooooo boring!"

"It turns yoor world upside down an' den leaves yoo alone wif a tree in yoor livingroom." 

"Kinda eary isn't it?"