Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's Sunday, and the weather is still rather hot, so Dante is chillin' in the shade of the trees in the jungle.  May I suggest that you all do the same.  If you don't have a jungle, a regular garden will do. 

(Biggify for full effect)

Dante's got it made in the shade.  Do you?

Have a wonderful Sunday efurryone.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dante is in the front garden this week.  Mama finally got around to planting some flowers in pots and Dante is guarding them, making sure that they are not disturbed by introoders of any sort.

There are little bits of green growing up through the cracks in the brickwork. Daddy's whippurrsnippurr is busted and he needs to get a new one, but in the meantime Dante enjoys noshing on these shoots. He doesn't know what they are, but they sure taste good!

Mama planted a bunch of different stuff in the pots on the front steps.  Dante doesn't know what it is yet, but he's sure it will be pretty when it blooms.
In the garden bed in the background, there are three bushes; two weigelas on the right hand side.  The first one already has bright red buds which should soon open up fully.  The second one has pale pink flowers which aren't open yet, and the third one is a spirea which will have clusters of tiny bright pink flowers about a month from now.

So, Dante takes up his vigil next to the garden bed. 

And none too soon.  His ears prick back at the sound of a possible introoder.

And there he is, in black and black!

This is no evil squirrel!  It's something much more sinister.

It's Figaro!  Stealer of treats, and thief of mama's heart.

Dante doesn't delay in letting Figaro know he isn't welcome.

At first, Dante just stares him down.

Then, emboldened by the power of the flowers, Dante approaches this stubborn invader.  He has a lot at stake to protect in his garden (not least of which his treats).

When Dante finally says "Hit the road, buddy!", Figaro endeavours to do just that.

As Figaro lopes off towards his home, Dante keeps watch to make sure he's not being faked out.

And he's not disappointed.

This time, strengthened by the vibes of the newly planted flowers, Dante was once again able to vanquish evil where evil belongs.  (In this case, across the street.)

No time to rest, though.  A garden cat's work is never done.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday, you briefly saw the power behind the robes -- Dante's new robes, which are befitting of his kingly status.

Well, here is the rest of the photoshoot when he first tried them on.  They have a definite Oriental influence, and the black and gold is striKING against Dante's fur.

Unlike that other emperor, Dante's clothes are not invisible.  They enhance his already kingly appearance.
Behold King Dante -- hear the emPURR-ROAR!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Once again, it's Thursday and Dante's in the garden, noticing that not much has changed, but his keen senses draw him closer to the fence.

In the far corner, Dante detects signs of a very recent introosion.

He turns, and quickly takes cover behind the maple tree ...

... as he spots the introoder, himself!

Here he is, the shameless thing!

Dante shouts out to him "Get out of my garden, trespasser!  Dis is purrivate propurrty."

Dante is only met with stony silence, so he hunkers down ...

... and gives the infiltrator his deadliest stare!

And the brazen beast just stares boldy back at him!

So, Dante changes tactics, as well as his apparel.  He puts on his kingly robes so that the beastly barbarian will have no doubt who he's up against.

"I am King of the Beasts", declares Dante in his most authoritative voice.  "And you will do as I command!"

"Hie thee elsewhere, blackguard, for this is my domain!"

This, the squirrel could no longer deny.  He bowed to the King and left swiftly through the treetops.

And this, for today, is the END OF THE TAIL!

Moral of the story:  Even a King can have a CLOTHES call!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Dante is now modelling for the "Adidas" brand sportswear.  The company figures he's a better role model than some other Tiger (you know who).

In fact, they picked Dante specifically because he looks like a lion -- the King of Beasts.  Who better to wear their clothing?

These are some of the stills from his recent
"Adidas" photoshoot.

Dante says "Buy Adidas -- it makes you look great, feel great and be great!" 

Then he roars as loudly as possible "Just GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR8!"

Tony the Tiger step aside.  And as for the other Tiger, maybe one day you'll be great again, but it takes a pure heart and gentle nature to qualify.  Take a lesson from Dante, King of the Beasts, and Gentle Giant.