Thursday, April 28, 2011


If you recall, last week Dante was busy giving hugs and encouragement to the trees in our yard.   It's rather late in the season, and due to cold weather, there was no visible progress.

Here's Dante in the back garden, today.  From a distance it doesn't look like anything has changed.

"But sumfing mahvelus has happined!", exclaims Dante.  "Jus' look closah!"

There are red buds on the Sunset Maple and they're beginning to open!

And the Crabapple is showing signs of PURRogress, too.  Just look at those tiny green buds!  It seems that Dante's gentle, loving ways have had an effect in coaxing these trees to life.

"So next on de agenda is to doos a liddle furtilizin'!", says Dante aka The Secretary of Fertilization for the Society of Feline Gardeners.

Dante picks a spot near the Sunset Maple to conduct this serious business.

And, of course, he tidies up after himself.

"I has wun more stop ta make befor mai wurk is dun", says Mister Secretary.

"I hasta giffs eekwal attenshun to mai belovid Crabappull."

Dante is pleased with his efforts, and can't wait to see what further developments his laPURRS will PURRoduce.

"It's so satisfyin' to ackshully see da froots of yoor laPURR, even if da froots are reely jus' buds.  An' sumtimes bein' a gardenah is dirty wurk, but sumbuddy's gotta doos it!  Dat sumbuddy is me."

"See yoo next time!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Dante has been very busy in both the front and back yards this week.  He's had to contend with a lot of colder weather and some rain, but there were a few nice days when the sun came out, so he took advantage while he could.

There are some very important Spring rituals which Dante must PURRform in order for the trees and bushes to do well during the growing season.  In general, I refer to this ritual as "Dances with Trees".  Some people dance with stars, and some with wolves, but Dante dances with trees.

Dante feels it is important to love your trees by giving them extra attention and affection.  They like it when you talk to them, and give them a hug.  Dante is a very "paws on"  kind of gardener.  And everything grows better when it has a good self-esteem.

Here is Dante giving a hug to his favourite tree in the front yard.

And then he "PAWSes" to have a little chat.
"How's it goin' aftah such a hard wintah?", asks he.

Then Dante turns his attention to the bushes in the front garden bed.

"Did I MUNCHion dat I likes ta doos a taste-test?  It helps me ta judge da healf of da plant."

"Dey likes ta be nibbled", says Dante.  "Dey're kwite tickled by it -- an' it's fun fur me, too!"

"Dere's nuffin' like a liddle interactif play wif yoor bushes to stimulates dere growf!", declares Dante.
"My werk heer is done."

So, Dante takes a little break, then turns his attention to the crabapple tree in the back yard. 
"I missed yoo so much durin' da wintah", says Dante.  "Cum an' giffs me a big hug!"

"Duz yoo has any problems yoo'd like ta talk about?", asks Dante. 

But he is reassured that everything is A-OK!  So, he just gives the crabapple a little pat for good measure.

Dante then takes a look at the side yard which leads down to the garden gate.

"Da grass is growin' verreh nicely heer", says he, "doe it reely duz need a gud rakin'!  I will put in my recommendashuns to Daddy (but I feers dey may be ignored).

There's a lot of ground to cover, but Dante isn't one to lollygag (except when he's on Mommy's LOL-Spot).

(Biggify for the "Awe" factor")
"Well, dat's all fur dis week!", says Dante.  "I hopes yoo has lerned sumfing about how to luff up yoor trees.  An' maibe a dance step or two, too!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dante has decided that it's time to hold a meeting with everyone involved in gardening activities at our house. However, first he does his own inspection so he can make a list of "to-do" items that need to be addressed.

First, Dante inspected the area around the lilac bushes.

"Dere's lots to clean up, heer, and all of da lilac bushes needs ta be trimmed", notes Dante.

He moves on to the summersweet bushes at the back of the house.  They, too, are in great need of extrication from old growth, and a good trim.

Dante moves to one of his favourite spots in the back yard -- under the maple tree.

"Dere's so many old leefs heer dat Daddy nevah raked in da fall.  Now he needs ta mulch dem wif da lawnmowah.  An' den we needs moar grass seed undah heer cuz itz verreh patchy."

Dante takes his place at the head of the outdoor boardroom table.  He looks around and makes further notes.  Daddy started to trim the willow bushes behind him, but never finished, and the cuttings are still lying there waiting to be picked up.

"Ahem!"  Dante clears his throat.  The other board members are now officially late.

Dante is more than a little annoyed.  "I tole dem 10 o'clock on da dot!", he exclaims.

"De only wun who's heer is mama cuz she's alwais takin' pickshurs."

"Maybe I is only da Secretary of Furtilization, but I is still da highest rankin' offisah heer -- an' I gets absolootly no respeckt!  I'm gonna make notes in dere files to dis effeckt.  So Daddy, Dylan, Domino and Furnando -- yoor all on notice!"

"Wot a travesty!"

Meanwhile, Dylan and Furnando have been waiting patiently in the front yard.

(Biggify to see Furnando pouting)
"Wot kinda leedah is yoo Dante, wen yoo doan show up!", pouts Furnando!

Something tells me, this meeting is adjourned!