Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here is Dante solo in his polo!  You may have come over from the "Wendy's 3-D Cats" blog, where he and Domino did their first-efur photoshoot together.  If not, please pop over for a visit after you have finished here.

Dante has gone polo in a bright orange number with black stripes and collar.

For a cat of his colouring, this polo is the purrfect choice!

"Is verreh comfurtable, too!  Is nice an' stwetchy.  I cud wares it all dai long."

To make his point, Dante decides to just lie down and relax.

The vivid orange against the backdrop of green just POPS!  Don't you think?

This casual polo shirt is purrfect for lounging, for a date, or to play outdoor games.

(Biggify for the "awe" factor!)

"Marco!", calls Dante.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's that time again for the weekly visit to the 3-D gardens, hosted by the ever-vigilant and squeaky clean, Dante.

"Welcum, wunce again to mai gardin", says Dante. "Todai I am gonna shows yoo how much prepurration it takes to be a gardin ornamint.  Aftah all, wun of mai purrimary doodies (udder than bein' Secretary of Fertilization) is to add to da beauty of da gardin by displayin' mai awesum purresence."

Dante has chosen a spot in the front garden, next to the birdbath for this demonstration.  The birds have a birdbath and the flowers have the rain from the sky, or water from a hose.  Dante, on the other paw, is totally self-cleaning.

"Dere!  Now duz yoo see how much werk I goes fru to luk beautiful in da gardin?  I even uses mai very own jooses.  I calls dem 'Oh de Lacocoon Dante' cuz dey has a verreh nice furagrance, too."  (I think Dante means 'Eau', as in 'eau de parfum', instead of 'Oh'!)

And after all the work and preparation, here are the results.   A garden ornament is meant to enhance the garden, not take away from the natural beauty. 

Somehow, in spit of himself, Dante has outdone himself once more!  See you next week, garden afficionados.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dante's in the front garden again, but this one really belongs to our neighbour.  However, Dante considers any garden within reach of his leash to be his, and therefore comes under his umbrella of protection.  (Well, he doesn't really have an umbrella, but you get my drift!)

Dante purruses the insect life at the edge of the garden bed.

And since it is indeed a 'bed', he decides to lie down in it.

Mama took this picture through the potted impatience as she was sitting on our own garden bench.  You can see how close in proximity we are to our neighbour's garden.

Bed time, indeed!

But hark!  The ears prick sideways as they detect an all too familiar sound.

In a flash, Dante is out of bed and on alert, checking out "The Island".  Notice how his pupils have dilated more widely as he lays eyes upon the introoder.
(As stated in a previous post, The Island is a wilderness garden bed which spans our neighbour's yard and our own.)

He tracks the wily beast with his suPURR sharp vision.  Talk about Hi-Def!  Dante's got that beat.

Dante races to the tree where the rodent has already escaped to the safety of the high branches.  At least he has once again saved the garden from this dastardly interloPURR (who is totally invisible to us, today).

Just to be sure, Dante checks out the other side of the tree.

And it's an 'all clear'!
It just goes to show that there's no rest for the vigilant. 
And that garden beds are NOT for sleeping.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sunday is the day to relax and chill, even in this heat.  So Dante suggests that you find a nice shady patch of grass and plant your ass on it!

Mission accomplished!

Be like Dante and have a shady and cool Sunday efurryone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today, Dante is showing you what I call "The Island" which borders the front of our property and our neighbour's.  (Hey, does this qualify my cats as "Island Cats", I wonder???)  We have lived here for 20 years now, so what was originally a small pine tree has grown into a behemoth, which reaches well into our yard.

As a result, Dante has claimed at least half of this little wilderness -- for that is exactly what it looks like.  The tree is a blue spruce which was originally planted in a garden bed strewn with river rock.  There is another bush of unknown species at the opposite end to the spruce tree, along with various kinds of ground cover inbetween.

If you didn't see the road, you would really think you were deep in the woods, somewhere.  Given the proper angle, many of my photos appear this way.

Here is Dante giving chase to one of those pesky intruders who has just narrowly escaped.

This is a view of the wild and woolly garden bed known as "The Island".  (The vegetation is wild and Dante is woolly!)

Being a cat of great taste, Dante samples the wilderness grasses.

"Dey is so fwesh an' tasty", he says.

"Nom, nom!  I nominates maiself as King of dis

"Here I yam -- da 'I'-Land King!  Is called an 'I'-Land cuz it belongs to me.   Is covered in 'IV'.  Dat belongs to me, too!"

The PURRoprietary Dante stays on guard against intruders (you know who they are).  

"I yam da only puss who can pass fru here.  Udder dan me dere's NO TRESPUSSING!"

Dante hunkers down amongst the foliage to keep watch.

He looks to the right.

He looks to the left.

He's lookin' at YOU, kid!

And while Dante's looking at you, look who's looking at him!


The Moral:  No matter how hard you may try to guard your property and keep it private, no cat is an island (even King Dante).