Thursday, January 28, 2010


I say "a little different", because there's nothing significantly different from the Dante you already know.  Each one of these pictures, though, is unique in its own way and has captured something quite special.  I gathered them from several days of recent photoshoots to assemble them here all in one place.

(Biggify at will! If you're a Dante fan, you will enjoy it.)


This is Dante shot through the open arm of the basket chair on the front porch.
It acted as frame for his profile, I thought.

This is Dante just as he landed after a short flight.
In this shot, you can truly appreciate the length of the big red beast.

I loved this shot because of the rather unique position.  There's a certain flow to it, and a sense of timelessness for some reason.  Like a moment frozen in time, I think.

This, of course, is a close-up of ears with a smattering of whiskers all highlighted by the bright winter sun.
Dante's red fur just intensifies at this time of year -- quite unlike the summer months.

Aside from being a great close-up shot of Dante's handsome face, he has this rather enigmatic look (sort of like a stunned Mona Lisa).

This shot was an outtake, but I rather like it anyway.  Dante was walking toward me and by the time I took the picture, he was already too close.  I like the look of purpose in his eyes, though -- and it's another great ear shot!  Next time I shouldn't wait until he's within earshot to shoot (LOL)!

This is just a super-floofy shot.  I even like the little wet wisp of fur which Dante had just finished grooming.  He looks like a big, fat, happy cat here, even though he's not fat at all.  That fur certainly fills him out!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the eclectic mix of Dante's pix today.  Dante has many different sides and it will take many more photoshoots to truly capture them all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here's Dante's famed tail flipped into a twist and aglow from the sun.  Notice the length of the fur on one side of his plume.  Actually, the floofiest part is underneath.

With Maine Coon cats, the fur on their backside is much shorter than their undercoat.  The shorter fur which has an oilier texture helps to deflect water and keeps them dry in wet conditions, and the longer fur helps to keep them warm in the cold.  They are after all, a product of their harsh outdoor environment, and evolved to survive in the extremes of a Maine winter.

(Biggify for greatest effect)

With Maine Coons and Dante in particular, there's always a twist at the end of the tale.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There was actually some sunshine out there today!  We've had more than a week of solid gray skies, even though the temperatures have been somewhat warmer.

So, Dante took advantage of the nicer weather to go for a walk in the snow.  I don't bother to leash him in the winter because the snow generally keeps him hemmed in, but I do keep a close watch in case he needs to be herded back home.

My friend, Susan, from across the street was visiting with us outside, and while I was filming this little video of Dante's snow trek, she headed next door to try to head him off at the pass (so to speak).  Dante got no further than the edge of our neighbour's driveway when he turned back on his own.

I must tell you, that for the most part, Dante will actually listen to me.  When I say "Dante, be a good boy", he knows that I want him to stay close to home.  If he does ignore me, then I put on my loud, angry voice, and it usually chastens, as well as hastens him home.  He really responds to the positive reinforcement of praise.  I have also heard him whimper when he knows I'm upset with him for doing something he shouldn't.  And it's all just from a change in my voice!

Anyway, here's the link to the short video -- another talkie, I'm afraid!  Just click on the following.


Dante goes where no cat has gone before!  (At least not this winter.)

As an extra added bonus, here are three more pictures of Dante, Snow Cat, just because they're beautiful.  His fur is looking even redder against the whiteness of the snow lately.  I think actually when it's a bit overcast, the colours don't get washed out like they do when there's too much sun.

So from the frozen sub-Arctic tundra of suburban Ottawa, Dante wishes you farewell for the nonce!  There will surely be another Snow Trek episode in the not too distant future.   Snow Trek, the Seequel!  You'll just have to wait and see!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010


We missed Tails Tuesday last week, and posted a tail on Thursday instead.  So now we're trying to catch up -- or are we oFURcompensating?  Anyway, just for today, we have not one, but two pictures of Dante's tail. 

One is up and one is down.

The "Up" reveals more of the floofy aspect of Dante's tail.

The "Down" reveals the very plumy aspect of Dante's tail.  It's like one giant feather.  His tail has a natural part, and I love the way the fur falls neatly on either side of it -- as if it's been combed.

Anyone out there need a feather duster?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today is Dante's 8th Birthday!  We know the exact date he was born because we got him from a Maine Coon breeder and, of course, this information is recorded.  Here is a picture of Dante and his littermates nursing shortly after they were born.  His mother's name is Lacocoon Eleanor Rigby.  Dante's father is Lacocoon Sergeant Pepper, so he was definitely born with some "Beatles" blood running in his veins.

This is Dante at a couple of weeks of age.

And here he is a few weeks after that. 

This is King Dante after we got him home -- he was about 12 weeks of age here.

Perhaps about five months old here.  Notice how much more of his tabby stripes you can see before his full coat of fur came in!

Dante at 1 Year!

It's also interesting because Dante's eyes were amber originally, as you can see from this picture, but later turned to the vivid light green that they are today.

Now that we've given you a stroll through Dante's early days, let's bring you up to the present day, which is January 15, 2010!  Dante is 8 years old today, and has been searching his whole life for the ladycat of his dreams -- and he finally met her.  Of course you must know by now, that it is the exquisite Miss Camille Suzanne from "Our family cat-a-blog".  They had their very first date on New Year's Eve and it was better than either of them could have ever dreamed.

Today, Dante wants to spend his birthday with his girl, and show her a good time on the town.  First, they are going skating on the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa.  Here's a picture of it so you can see. The Canadian Parliament buildings are in the background.

(The Rideau Canal is a beautiful sight throughout the year, but in the winter the canal turns into the "World's Longest Skating Rink" at 8 kilometers.)
After skating, Dante is taking Camille to the Chateau Laurier Hotel which is quite closeby, for a romantic dinner before returning home to spend some quiet time beside the fire.

Doesn't it look just like a castle?  How romantic!!!

Here's a picture of the happy couple taken just after Miss Camille Suzanne arrived.  Don't they look like they belong together?

Miss Camille Suzanne had a very special surprise for Dante, and she brought orange hats and balloons, too!  She knows that orange is Dante's favourite colour -- especially since he's orange, himself.

While they were skating, they got a little frisky!  But not to worry, they were only having fun.  Dante is a true gentleman and would never sully Miss Camille Suzanne's reputation.  They had a lovely time in the snow.  Love is all around!

After dinner they went for a walk on the snowy downtown streets.  They talked and laughed and got to know each better.  Miss Camille Suzanne was having the time of her young life.  She giggled at all the funny things that Dante was saying.  Dante is quite the wit after all.

After a lovely evening back at home, Dante kissed his sweetheart gently, and escorted her to her awaiting boogie mat. "Thank you for making my birthday so PURRfect!" said Dante.  Miss Camille Suzanne just batted her eyes and smiled.  "Until we meet again, sweet Prince", she said as her mat gently took off into the night.

In no time flat, Camille was back at her own home, dreaming of the next time she would meet her true love.  She was very eager to tell her Mom and her sister about the marvelous time she had.

Meanwhile, back in Ottawa, Dante was already dreaming peacefully.  I think you might be able to guess what his dream was about.

Happy Birthday, Dante!  We're so glad you finally met your match.

P.S.  A very special thanks for Ann Adamus of Zoolatry for her wonderful creations!


Since I forgot and missed "Tails Tuesday", I thought I'd post Dante's tail shot today instead.  So, here's another picture of that insane floofiness Dante calls his tail!

This one is from last Spring.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's Sunday, and Dante's taking it easy.  It's very cold outside so keeping warm is the order of the day.  As you can see he's very warm and fuzzy.  Even the cat tree is warm and fuzzy -- Dante likes to share his fuzzies.

It would be difficult to be much more relaxed than Dante is right now.  But you can try!

Have an Easy Sunday efurryone!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Despite the cold weather, it's not too bad if you sit outside on the front porch.  The garage beside it blocks most of the wind, so it's more than tolerable.  Dante's Daddy brought him outside for some fresh air, and Dante chose to sit on the porch chair for a change -- maybe because Daddy was sitting on the bench having a cigarette.  Quite ironic I think, to come outside for fresh air and then smoke!  We're not too fond of Daddy's bad habit, but at least he only does it outside and never in the house.  (We'd really like him to give it up, though.)

First there is a series of pictures of Dante grooming himself.  He is constantly licking his paws, which I figure may heat them up momentarily, but makes them wet and then the spit freezes on them once more.  So, he just licks 'em again for good measure.  There's some real good lip-smacking going on there, too!  This is serious stuff, ya know.

Click on any of the pictures to biggify, if you like.

Checking out the front door to see if it's open even a crack!

Saying a prayer to Ceiling Cat that his beans might come to their senses.

Licking the old paw to warm it up!

Speaking in tongues!

Although his Pa's sitting behind him, he's licking the paw in front of him, again!

I call this position "Curvature of the Spying"!

All done!  Time to go in now?

I also managed to take a short video before we went back inside the house.  You'll get some live action of Dante grooming himself (oh, bestill my heart!), and if you listen carefully at the end, you can hear him give one of his muted howls of protest.  You'll have to excuse me for turning the camera at the end -- I just wasn't thinking.  I often do this when snapping pictures, but didn't think how odd it would look in the video.  Mea culpa!

Here's the link to YouTube:  "Dante on the Front Porch in Winter" 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Floofy little Elin of "Cute Cat Elin" has declared a new celebration of kitty tails on Tuesday.  Since Dante has a rather spectacular tail, I thought he should be included on an ongoing basis.

I have numerous pictures of Dante's tail.  Here's one from last summer.  You can't tell where the tail starts or stops because it just blends in with the rest of the butt fur.

So, there it is, in all its floofaliciousness! I present to you -- Dante's Tail.   Enjoy!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It was snowing out again today -- not a storm by any means.  The flakes were falling lightly but steadily to the ground.  Dante ventured briefly out into the snow before returning to the sanctuary of the front porch.  There he patiently waited for me to open the door, but I still wasn't ready to go back inside.

We all need a good breath of fresh air on a regular basis, don't we?  However, even my gentle Dante has his limits and he ultimately let me know when he'd had enough.

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Waiting ...

Waiting ...

Waiting ...

Getting tired of waiting ...


Dante says "Meowlaylooyah Mama"!  And with that we went inside.

Have a very restful and easy Sunday everyone, and keep yourselves warm!