Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's Sunday, and it's a beautiful day!  Dante is relaxing on the front lawn in the shade just watching what's going on in and around his own haunts.  He's not in the mood to move at all.  Just taking it easy is the order of the day.

Ah, it's so quiet and peaceful here under the trees!

 But all too soon Dante's reverie is interrupted!

 Dante does his very best to ignore IT ...

 ... but IT definitely doesn't want to be ignored!

"Tee hee hee!  I kin haunt yoo all day long",  IT taunts. 

 It seems the roles are reversed as the hunter becomes the haunted!

 IT even gets right up in Dante's face!  Dante is not imPURRessed.

As IT dashes off, Dante doesn't move a muscle.  It's Sunday and he's trying to take it easy.

The pesky thing isn't finished with it's taunting yet!

Dante just turns up his nose and doesn't give IT the time of day!

 "I cant beleafs it!", IT says.  I did mai worst and still he didunt budge!"

A mancat can show his strengths in many ways, and today Dante's demonstrating restraint ...

... and dignity under duress!
"I mai not have budged", says Dante, "but I got da MOVES!"

Do like Dante and just chill, efurryone!

(Note:  These pictures are posted in the order in which they were taken.  I couldn't believe how this squirrel insisted on taunting Dante, but Dante was just having none of it!)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dante's winter coat has really maxed out!   It's the floofiest that I've ever seen, that's fur sure. 

 "It's gonna be a RUFF wintah!", exclaims Dante.

 "It's a good fing I'mma RUFFIAN cuz I kin make it fru any kinda wedder.  Maine Coons is bilt fur da cold."

 As this full frontal shot will show, it's difficult to tell where Dante's ruff leaves off and his undercoat begins.

The back end is just as FURious!

 "I is RUFF an' tuff!", declares Dante.

With his robust winter coat and his sparkling PURRsonality, Dante is truly a DIAMOND IN THE RUFF!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dante's been keeping an eye on things in both the front yard and the back.   For the most part, there's not much new, but he has noticed a few subtle changes.  And while he was at it, he took the opportunity for some ornamental posing.

 Here's Dante on the front walk between the planter on the porch and the bushes in Bush Gardens, with blue calico kitties looking on.

Dante's keen eye has spotted the second coming of the red wiegelas this season!  It must be due to all the hot, humid and wet weather.  Generally, they only bloom in June, but given the right conditions the flowers come back in late summer.

Dante has infinite patience, unlike some others in this picture.

I have always wondered why these long-lasting blooms are called "impatience" when they clearly have such stamina.  It's obvious from Dante's face that he is wondering, too!

 Now Dante has moved to the back.  Here he is sitting on the deck with the crabapple tree in the background.  You can see how much his mane has thickened up in recent days.

Under the crabapple tree you can see that it is already shedding it's summer bounty.  There are yellow leaves and little red crabapples strewn about on the ground.

 It's kind of sad to see the beginnings of fall, but it's perfect for posing and Dante doesn't give it a second thought.  He certainly can fill up any space!

Here's Dante in his favourite 'yawn' chair where he likes to take his outdoor naps.  "Behine me, I has sumfing ta show yoo!", he says.

"Dis is da last of Mama's roses.  She cut dis wun and putted it in a pretty bowl made jus' fur roses."

"An' heer is one of dose wild Himalayin' Orkids!  Dey reely gets outta control."

And finally, Dante poses for a close-up as he bids you farewell for the nonce.   He prides himself on making sense out of nonce-sense, and I think he has succeeded yet again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011


A few folks thought the close-up of Dante's tail looked like a flower, which is nice since he's in the garden.  However, all I see is a woofie!  Just look.

What do you think now?

Monday, August 1, 2011


These pictures are 'hot' off the PURRess this morning.  Dante was standing under the crabapple tree in the shade with the sun catching his fur here and there and lighting it up like fire.

He's not called Dante's InFURno for nothing!