Friday, June 27, 2014


Dante is looking very leonine in the greenery of our neighbour's front yard.  With the help of some nature-inspired frames, he has been transported to the wilds.

And here are three for the PURRice of one!

 This is Dante in the wilds of cottage country somewhere here in Ontario.

 This is Dante in the wilds of Northern Ireland's lush green grasses.

And even farther 'afield' is Dante in the wilds of an African jungle.

O what an uproar he makes!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass", Dante has found his own alternate world "Through the Looking-Grass".

 "Da wurld looks so diffurent when ...

 ... yoor on da uddah side of da grass!"

 "Yoo nevah noes wot yoo mite see."

 "Or who mite be lookin' at yoo!"

"It's all such' JaPURRwocky!"


Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dante's dressed for success.  He's looking to attract new friends of the feathered, furred and fishy variety.  He believes the best way is just to be himself.

"If yoo builds it, dey will come!", says he.  "Speshully if yoo follows da golden drool."

So Dante has created a birdbath from his very own saliva.
"WATER you thinking Dante?"

"I finks I duz da best I CAN."

There's nothing like hangin' out with one of your home boys.  "We is all part of da Rat Race annehways", says Dante.  "It may be kinda cheesy but it's da troof!"

Note to Self:  Remember, if you have a rat for a friend, you must be careful not to 'cheese him off', especially if you want to share some (of the cheese, that is).

Dante goes nuts over his furry little forest friends.  "Dey're lotsa fun", he says.  "Dey doan calls dem skwirrels fur nuttin'.  Giff 'em sum nuts an' dey go downrite skwirrelly!"

"See wot I mean?  Dis wun's nutteh as a frootcake!"

Dante's gone all out -- outdoors, that is -- to find himself some fresh fish.  In an effort to 'worm' his way into their fishy little hearts he's opened a whole can.  Dante's no hooker, though.  He believes in more humane methods of CATching fish.  "I lures dem in wif my allure", says he.

"An' den I invites dem in fur supPURR!"

Dante's not one for fish tails, though.  "I always leaves dat part behind."


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


(Biggify for best view)

You need to cool off, buddy!

That's much better.  And have a snack while you're at it!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Yes, Dante is very intelligent, but this post is all about how brightly he shines.

The frames I have chosen are all quite showy in themselves, but Dante still holds up as the focal point.  One can't help but be drawn to him -- even when they are simply drawings of him.

I hope that like me, you will never tire of seeing Dante amongst the flowers.  They seem to truly be in unison with one another.

Okay, you can take a breath now!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Dante's love affair with Wigella the Wiegela is only intensifying.

 "I likes it wen yoor all around me", says he.

 "Bein' near to yoo makes my heart fluttah!"

 "I jus' cant get enuff of yoo."

 "Yoo is so intoxiCATin'!"

 "I wonts ta drink in yoor scent."


"I luvs yoo so MUNCH I jus' wonts ta eat yoo all up!"

"Chomp, chomp!"

Dante's only saving Grace is that snacking on your inamorata can't be considered CATnibblism as long as she's another species entirely. 

O the irony of it all!  Saving Grace whilst demolishing poor Wigella!  And here I thought you only got the munchies after eating grass.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


As promised here are some fresh pictures of Dante which were taken yesterday when I was out stuffing pots with flowers for our garden.

For some reason, Dante and his furblings are all attracted to this beautiful wiegiela bush.  But Dante wants to claim it for his very own.

The first four are the very best of the bunch -- pictures of Dante, that is -- not the flowers.

And the rest of them show Dante demonstrating his love for the wiegiela bush.  It's rather comical so I turned their love story into a comic strip of sorts.

"Fur sum reeson, dis bush makes me ...

 ... verreh SCENTaMENTAL!

 Its smell drives me simpleh CRAZEEEEEE!

 I hasta rub it all ovah my body an wunce it has scent-marked me ...

 ... I scent-marks IT so efurryone else will noe ...

 ... dat itz MINE!


"How divine!" I exclaim.
But Dante retorts "She is NOT a VINE, she's a BUSH!"

"An' her name is Wigella Lawson.
My Gardin Goddess!"