Sunday, June 8, 2014


As promised here are some fresh pictures of Dante which were taken yesterday when I was out stuffing pots with flowers for our garden.

For some reason, Dante and his furblings are all attracted to this beautiful wiegiela bush.  But Dante wants to claim it for his very own.

The first four are the very best of the bunch -- pictures of Dante, that is -- not the flowers.

And the rest of them show Dante demonstrating his love for the wiegiela bush.  It's rather comical so I turned their love story into a comic strip of sorts.

"Fur sum reeson, dis bush makes me ...

 ... verreh SCENTaMENTAL!

 Its smell drives me simpleh CRAZEEEEEE!

 I hasta rub it all ovah my body an wunce it has scent-marked me ...

 ... I scent-marks IT so efurryone else will noe ...

 ... dat itz MINE!


"How divine!" I exclaim.
But Dante retorts "She is NOT a VINE, she's a BUSH!"

"An' her name is Wigella Lawson.
My Gardin Goddess!"