Friday, June 13, 2014


Dante's love affair with Wigella the Wiegela is only intensifying.

 "I likes it wen yoor all around me", says he.

 "Bein' near to yoo makes my heart fluttah!"

 "I jus' cant get enuff of yoo."

 "Yoo is so intoxiCATin'!"

 "I wonts ta drink in yoor scent."


"I luvs yoo so MUNCH I jus' wonts ta eat yoo all up!"

"Chomp, chomp!"

Dante's only saving Grace is that snacking on your inamorata can't be considered CATnibblism as long as she's another species entirely. 

O the irony of it all!  Saving Grace whilst demolishing poor Wigella!  And here I thought you only got the munchies after eating grass.