Monday, September 24, 2012


This is Dante's Daddy.  His name is Walter and he just turned 60 years old!
Why is he smiling, you might ask?

Well, here's a clue.  Dante and Daddy are both wearing very special shirts.  Daddy's is light blue and Dante's is dark blue.

They are 'BMW' shirts!  Why, you might ask?

Well, Dante's Daddy always wanted a BMW, and now he has one.  It's not just Daddy's face that's beaming.  Look at that Beamer beaming! 

 Some things are all the sweeter if you have to wait.  Life has gone zero to sixty seemingly in a flash, and now so will Dante's Daddy.  Dante says:  "Dat's fine wif me as long as yoo leafs me at home!"

Uh-oh!  Where did he get those racing gloves???
Looks like 60 may not be the limit after all!

P.S. (Pussycat has more to Say)

When Daddy had his birthday party, our guests brought along their woofie, as usual.  His name is Rascal and he and Dante had quite the interaction.  You will note that Dante is very calm while Rascal, on the other paw, is rather frenetic.  Witness!

"Whoa, woofie --  da leashed yoo cud do is sit still fur a minit!"

"I'll even shows yoo how ta doo it", says Dante. 

"Datta boy, Rascal -- well done!"

Time for a bickie!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Cap'n Dante may have been busy with "The 3-Ds", but he always has time for a little Pirate romance.

"Land Ho!", yells Cap'n Dante.  After months at sea, he can't wait to see his Pirate Sweetheart, Miss Sascha.   "Thar she blows!", says he.

Lady Pirate that she is, it's Sascha's floofy furs that are blowing in the wind.  She has unearthed a rare treasure for she and her Pirate Captain to share.  Even pirates will follow the golden drool, as long as it leads them to such a tasty treat!

After dinner, the two of them relax and kick back, floating above the sparkling blue sea.

"Dere's nuffin' like a good kickback", says Cap'n Dante.  "Especially wen you're above da law".

No ARRGHument there!

Har!  Gimme a break -- squawk!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Dante is rather restless today.

He's trying to relax ...

... but just can't seem to get comfortable.

 All he can do is think of Sascha!

So he turns on his telepathic powers and says "Here's lookin' at yoo, gorjuss!"

"An' rite back at ya, handsum!"

Sigh ...

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Even though it's a little bit early, Dante can't help but FALL ...

... IN LOVE!!!

Love has no timetable.  It just happens.

Long live Dante and Sascha!