Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday, I showed you Dante restrained by his leash in the front yard, and today you will see him totally unfettered and wandering at will in the back. Being surrounded by a 6-foot fence with wire meshing at the base to block any gaps, and gravity to keep his 22-lb. frame close to the ground, Dante is safe and secure in his pseudo-jungle domain.

He begins his circuit of the yard purrimeter on one side of the fence and works his way around to the other. Of course he has to check out various landmarks along the way.

Now that the grass is finally growing in, I'm happy to see his red fur against the green once more. I've missed that awesome sight over the long winter months. Dante against a verdant backdrop is truly something to behold!


These are pictures of Dante testing the extreme limits of his leash. He is only tethered when we're out in the front yard and becomes somewhat frustrated by the restricted area he can reconnoiter, as he is able to roam freely in the wilds of our back yard.

Yesterday, he was determined to explore our next-door neighbour's lawn but couldn't quite reach his intended destination -- which was the tree just beyond his reach. Despite the 40-foot lead, his area of purrview isn't great.

I love the quizzical look he's giving me in the last picture. Sort of "why are you doing this to me?". My only answer would be "it's because I love you".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here are just a few pics that I took of Dante this morning. These are what I call "Up Close and PURRsonal"! The dear boy always has such a bewildered look on his face. I guess it's because of his inquisitive nature and constant attention to every movement and sound all around him. He has such a pretty face!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a little LOL-story of Dante stalking a grasshopper (pun intended)! Of course, the camera can't detect the little prey who is hiding in the long grass, but he couldn't escape the keen eyes of the mighty hunter.

It was truly hilarious to watch Dante hop from spot to spot, to closely trail the grasshopper.

Here's the English translation for those of you who might find the narrative hard to follow:

1. I am mighty hunter on the hunt.
2. There's something rustling in the grass.
3. Aha! Yes, grasshopper -- I have found you!
4. You can't escape my mighty paws.
5. I'll let you go to see what happens.
6. And then I pounce again with all my force!
7. Maybe I'll have a little taste.
8. Oops! He got away. Slippery little sucker!
9. Hah! Got you again!
10. I love you, grasshopper!
11. At least I love to eat you!
12. Prepare to be my snack, grasshopper.
13. Nom, Nom, Nom ...
14. Hmmmmm, nice and crunchy!
15. But, it's the aftertaste that kills you!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


These are some of the best pictures of Dante from the last several photoshoots, both leashed and unleashed. Of course, I always purrfur the unleashed photos, but the leash is a necessary evil now that spring is here, and there are no longer walls of snow to contain him in the front yard.

Dante is secure in the back yard and can roam the wilds without pawsibility of escape. Gravity and a 6-foot fence keep him contained. He is happiest there, being totally unfettered, though the front yard offers more diversity in the way of traffic and potential for visitors.

Wherever the camera may find him, he offers prime poster material!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here are pictures of Dante taken from above. I always find it interesting how a cat can so easily morph into diffurent shapes. Dante was deckside lying in the fledgling grass, which purrovided me with an opportunity to photograph him from a bird's eye purrspective.