Thursday, April 16, 2009


Meet Dante, the Canadian Poop Idol! He is known for digging in outdoor loCATions in all sorts of weather to purrovide himself with toilet furcilities. This is the story of one such endeavour with translation from Meowanese to regular English.

1. Prepare the potty.
2. Position butt on top of potty.
3. Close eyes and concentrate.
4. Lift tail and push!
5. Hey, this not spectator sport!
6. You gets no privacy when you're a Poop Idol.
7. Now is time to perform the cover-up.
8. You must be sure to leave no turd uninterred.
9. Once burial is complete, walk away with dignity intact.


jondel said...

Well, you certainly outdid yourself with this little story. Poor Dante ........ if he only knew!!!!!!

8GR8LOLCATS said...

Pooping in the GRASS is a GAS... can you dig it? It's the natural way! Think of all the litter you don't have to scoop and pay for... I have to go buy more World's Best this morning... I think that Dante has really found the World's BEST cat litter! :)CC

ShariYS said...

Casper will still sometimes leave land mines in the MIDDLE OF THE LAWN, not the generous flowerbeds where his natural fertilization is so appreciated! Lawnmower land mines ... EWWWWWW!!!

♣icefox♣ said...

"Meownese" is also known as LOLspeak, according to ICHC.

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, my dear Icefox, but I also live in other Kittyworlds where we have our own words for things. I am even the creator of a "Cationary" -- a dictionary of cat words that is always a work-in-progress.

Kate said...

Dante..he's even pretty when he has to "go"'m doubtful that I would think this true of any people I know..but when ya start out with a gorgeous kitteh already..pretty much anything he does is purrfect!

MeezerMom said...

we haf nefur pooped outside. it seems a little, errrr, open out there. ::shudder::

♣icefox♣ said...

Oh, that's cool about the cat dictionary thing... 'cause WHAT A COINCIDENCE, so am I! Except it's just called "Dictionary of LOLspeak"... boring.

CCL Wendy said...

Dear Icefox,
I think the diffurence between LOL-Speak and my group's Cationary is that we use a lot of the kitty words, like "purrsnickety", "purrpawsterous", "discatcerting", etc., so they are basically English words mewtated (case in point) into Meowanese. LOL-Speak is basically a prescribed way to use and spell words so that cats will sound like little children. They don't dwell on the cat puns so much. Meowanese is a mix of the childlike grammar and spelling and the cat pun.

Speaking of this, I started a LOL-Cat blog of my own which uses cat puns to the max. If you're interested, the link is:
They can't all be gems, but hey, I give it my best shot.