Friday, April 3, 2009


Here are pictures of Dante as a tiny kitten when he was still at the Lacocoon cattery.
Then he is shown at home at the age of approximately six months -- look how long his tail is!
The formal portrait was taken at the age of one year. At that time, he weighed in at 17 lbs.
The last picture was taken when he was six years old and reached a weight of 22 lbs.


online friend said...

Thank you Wendy for sharing these pictures of Dante. I always wanted to see him as a kitten. Wasn't he just adorable as a kitten!!! But now, he is the most "handsomest" cat!!! His parents were gorgeous too!

Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to seeing many more pictures of this awesome cat!!

Cathy (from Kittyworld...luvs_cats)

8GR8LOLCATS said...

That is a beautiful PURRogression of an extraordinary boy... You must have been a beautiful kitten... cuz baby look at you now!!!