Thursday, April 30, 2009


These are pictures of Dante testing the extreme limits of his leash. He is only tethered when we're out in the front yard and becomes somewhat frustrated by the restricted area he can reconnoiter, as he is able to roam freely in the wilds of our back yard.

Yesterday, he was determined to explore our next-door neighbour's lawn but couldn't quite reach his intended destination -- which was the tree just beyond his reach. Despite the 40-foot lead, his area of purrview isn't great.

I love the quizzical look he's giving me in the last picture. Sort of "why are you doing this to me?". My only answer would be "it's because I love you".


8GR8LOLCATS said...

You have to keep a LONG cat on a short leash... 40 feet is actually not a short leash! Dante has to understand that you are PURRtecting him from PURRil- peril!

BeeChilly said...

Besides the bench, does Dante have any vertical areas to visit while outside? He's got a determined look to him there.