Friday, May 29, 2009


This is a serial-LOL that tells the story of Dante testing the new grass in our yard. Last year we had the back lawn dug up, laid with new soil and then reseeded. We let the new grass grow long to make sure it was healthy, and then enlisted Dante to do the final inspection and report. Here are the results with translation from Meowanese:

1. These are brand new grasses in my yard that need to be tested.
2. I is searching for the best, most tender shoots.
3. I stops to sniff the freshness of the scent.
4. I sniffs the fence for the woody fragrance.
5. I checks the grasses by the fence for flavor and texture.
6. Then I sample the grasses away from the fence to see the difference.
7. I stops to savor the bouquet.
8. It tastes good to me so I really sinks my teeth into it.
9. Then I uses some to floss with.
10. Nothing like those woody flavored shoots!
11. Takes time to appreciate all those new flavors.
12. Time to go and make my report.
13. These are Grade A-1 grasses grown to perfection!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Erika was back at it again! You may recall, she is our teen neighbour who loves my kitties, especially that Dante. She drops by from time-to-time on her way home from school and I let her use my camera to take pictures of the beasts. Erika has a distinctively different purrspective on the world, and on felines in purrticular. Erika likes to decorate them.

Furst, we see Dante lying in the grass in the front yard. His ears indicate his apurryhension because he knows Erika is up to something, but he doesn’t yet know what! Erika spies the bunch of wild forget-me-nots in the background and – voila – next thing you know they are ornaments for Dante! Of course, she wisely lets him sniff them before garnishing him like an entrĂ©e.

Dante is being very co-opurrative and just lies there while Erika places him in various poses and snaps away! Fur those who love belly floof, there’s plenty to be had in this series of furtos. The wind is also whipping his furs around, so he’s all disheveled, but that adds to the appeal of the floof bounty.

Have you efur seen a kitty who is so tolerant and patient? I think he must really love Erika to allow her to do such things – he obviously has ultimate trust for her to expose his underbelly and make himself so vulnerable.

Erika has done efurrything pawsible to make this an unforgettable photoshoot! Forget-me-not – you can count on it!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The sun was dappling some awesome patterns on Dante this morning. The spots of light illuminating his fur are reminiscent of an appaloosa or a leopard lit by wildfire.

I just kept snapping pictures as he shifted poses efur so slightly, and it was actually purrty hard to choose which ones to display. So here’s a whole bunch of them. Purrhaps you can tell me which one you think is best.

In any event, Dante makes one fantastic Maine Coon light show – that’s fur sure. There’s nothing like some Sunny-D on an easy Sunday morn!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


These are pictures of Dante in our front yard, and our neighbour's. The two purropurrties are kind of close togefur, so it's hard to keep kitties on their own side, as front lawns aren't normally fenced in.

Dante did a little tour of the neighbour's garden, which happily served as a backdrop for some lovefurly photos of the red beast. The only thing better than Dante against a field of green, is Dante surrounded by green and bright pops of colour from the flowering plants. Soon we will have some of our own once mama gets around to planting them in pots. Then all the garden kitties can come out to adorn the front walkway, too.

For now, though, Dante is my purrimary adornment, which is good because I simpurry adore him!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here is my red tabby, Dante, hunkering down in the long grasses of the backyard jungleland to stalk his prey. He sees an evil squirrel and tries to hide behind a large clump of greenery while he plans his next move.

Howefur, he nefur gets around to the actual pounce, so the villainous rodent hoppily departs leaving Dante to reflect upon the "one that got away"!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It’s me, Dante, here. My teen friend Erika came over to play with me today. She likes to use my mama’s camera to take pictures of me, too. Erika is a real nice girl, but she always wants to put flowers on me – especially on my head. She thinks this is funny or something. (Purrsonally, I think it’s the ultimate in catmiliation!).
Anyway, after she puts the dandelions on my head (they’re really just weeds, ya know), she always says: “Now, don’t you make a dandy lion?”. (Like I haven’t heard that one before!).
The only pawsitive is that the dandelion season is a short one and soon they’ll just all be floof (like me).

Friday, May 15, 2009


I managed to get some supurrlative pictures of Dante yesterday. He stood in the same spot for quite a long time, but there was a brisk breeze which ruffled his fur from time to time to change it up in a whimsical way.

Also, the blossoms from the crabapple tree in our yard have begun to drop their petals which added yet another ethereal touch to his purrtraits. The petals, like the wind, are fleeting, but it’s precisely that synchronicity which creates something special.

Every once in a while I get a shot of Dante which I consider to be just shy of purrfection. I was fortunate to capture such an image in this photoshoot. I’ll leave it to you, the viewers, to determine which one that may be. You can expand your view by clicking on any of the pictures you find purrticularly “see-worthy”.

When chance allows me to catch a great kitty pic, I always like to use it as my desktop background on my PC for a time. There’s nothing like a hugely “biggified” picture of Dante to brighten your day – except maybe the real thing, which I can admire (and touch) any time I choose. And for this, I am truly grateful.