Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It was one year ago at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve that Dante popped the ultimate question to Sascha, and she came back with a resounding 'YES'!!!

They've been lots of places and done lots of things over the past year and haven't had time yet to plan a wedding.

This is Dante's Christmas card to his furever love, Sascha.  All he wants for Christmas is to make her happy.

Inside the gift box is a snowglobe with the house that Dante and Sascha want to buy.  It's an older farmhouse with plenty of land where they can raise chick-hens, amongst other farm animals.

What a sight it would be to wake up to THIS every morning!
Fresh meat.

It's sure better than looking at this every day, isn't it Sascha?
(This is Brian, of 'Brian's Home' who is Sascha's big brother.)

There are obvious sparks between these two flames which Christmas can so easily ignite.  We wish for them that their dreams for the future will all come true.

What a great couple they make!  Sascha is obviously over the moon about Dante and he's just plain cuckoo for her.

We join the happy couple in wishing all of you, too, a very Merry Christmas and dreams fulfilled in 2014!