Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'll bet you thought I was going to talk about Dante's multi-hued natural fur coat, but no.  He got a new tartan plaid, faux-fur trimmed coat for Christmas!  It has shades of green, blue, black, red, yellow and white.

And here he is in it ...

 "At leest now I has a YARN ta tell yoo abowt", says Dante. 

 "As far as I kin see, it's like a blankit wif holes fur my arms, an' a hood fur my head."

 "An' fank heavens da hood duzn't covah my ears, an' I kin still turn my head wifout bein' blindid by da wite."

"I still likes my own fur coat da best.  Furget all dese unnachural fibrrrs!  It'll be a cold day before yoo sees me warin' dis fing again."

However, it's winter and it's pretty much cold every day,  so I guess we'll be seeing more of Dante in his new coat-of-many-colours very soon.  Since he can't get away SCOT free, he might as well be no-BULL about it, wear that tartan, and fling it about with all the PURRide he can muster!

And he even has the pipes for it!