Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well, it's Thursday again and Dante is out in the front.  Not too much has changed, except the spireas are now blooming, and all of the potted plants have filled out to overflowing.

"Heer I yam on da front lawn.  It's verreh shadeh, as yoo kin see."

"In dis wide shot, yoo kin see the spyreas is bloomin'.  Dey has bootiful deep pink flowahs", says Dante.

"I wontid ta show yoo a closah vyoo of Kitty Buddah, too.  I finks he's kinda kyoot -- he shur likes ta smile.  We has a big Kitty Buddah and a little Kitty Buddah.  Dey is bof mai Buddah Buddies!"

"Dese is da pots on one side of da walk ...

... an' dese are da wuns on da udder side.  See how dey is spillin' rite out ovah da top?"

"I has sum serious bizness to attend to", declares Dante.

"Domino, yoo stand gard wiles I checks fings out.  Dere has defunitely bin sum introoders heer.  Dey  nocked ovah sum of da garden kittehs an' leeved a trail of peenuts as a cloo!"

"I is gonna hasta step up mai vigilance, dat's fur shur.  By da way, look at dese lovely pots.  Wif all da rain an' da hi heats, dey has growed like crazy!"

"Heer I yam doin' mai ornamental duty.  Itz jus' wun of da many fings I doo in da garden."

"Speekin' of dat, dere's anudder garden dat needs mai help efun more!"

"Mommeh says dis garden belongs to our nayPURRs, but I says itz MINE!"

"If it wuzn't MINE, cud I lie heer like dis?"

"Or like dis?"

"Since it's MINE, I'm gonna pose in it to makes it more bootiful ...

... cuz dat's wot I doo!"

"I jus' wontid to point out dat dere's still lotsa work to be dun heer.  It's a garden-in-PURRogress!"

"I hope I has made mai point.  What's MINE is MINE, and what's dere's is MINE!"

"See ya next week!"


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Dante, we are not sure which is the most beautiful today ~ yoo or yoor garden!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Dante you have been doing great things in your garden!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

your garden is just gorgeous Dante! I especially love the Kitty Buddah!