Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today, Dante is going to show you around the front garden.  Last week mama planted some flowers in pots, then she added the kitty birdbath, and the rest of the garden cat ornaments.

"These are de urns on da front steps.  Mai brudderbean, Ryan, giffed mama dese flowahs for Mudder's Day, and she took dem outta da big pot and put sum in dese two smallah pots called urns."

"Mama put out her garden cat ornamints, too, but she sais I am da best wun of all!"

"Heer I am on de rite side of de garden.  Mama took dese pichurs in de evening, so da lite casts purrty shadoes.  You kin see de weigela bush blooming wif brite red flowahs."

"An' rite in front of da weigela, mama plantid dese dubble impatience in a big flowahry pot.  Sum of dose impatience is red, and some is wite."

"Den I went to de udder side of da garden where mama plantid more impatience -- dis time pink an' wite ones.  She also putted sum purpull petunias and sum loebelia in dere."

"Den mai sisfur Domino came alonged, but I tole her dis wuz mai gig an' she shud scram."

"Mama tooked a shot of da whole leff side of da garden.  You kin see the urn on da front porch, an' da hangin' plant (da flowahs is jus' startin' to bloom in dere).  An' you kin see me gardin' da pots on da walkway -- but bestest of all is da kitty birdbaf.  It dubbles as a drinkin' bowl when da wedder gets reel hot!"

"Dese is just sum of mama's garden cat ornamints.  She's got moar, but we saves dat fur anudder day."

"Speekin' of ornamints, I mus' now purrform mai ornamintal dooties."

"See me posin' wif da posies?"

"An' heer I am feelin' a liddle blue -- cuz it's de end of our garden post for dis week.  But I'll be back again next Tursday, doan worry!"

"An' jus' wen I fawt it wuz over, wun of mai woofie furiends, named Rascal, camed ta visit.  We jus' chatted fur awhile an' den his mama said dey hadta go home."

"See ya next time, y'all!"


Anonymous said...

WOW! Your front garden is spectacular! Mom LOVES the kitty birdie bath. We has to get a new one, our nuisance bear, Bruiser, broke ours last year. And mom LOL'd at the look you were giving Domino.

SeaThreePeeO said...

You have a very beautiful garden Dante and some great woofie friends!

Cat Mandu said...

I love your pictures, Dante, especially, the one with the "look" you are giving Domino.
Rascal looked a little intimidated as well.

SuziQCat said...

Your garden is fantastic Dante. We love the cute cat ornaments and can't wait to see more of them.

Anonymous said...

Dante, your garden is amazing, but your mommeh is right, you are definitely the bestest garden ornament.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Dante you must have worked so hard in the garden it looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You really work hard to keep up that garden, Dante! All of those cat ornaments are great, especially you!

Kea said...

You have a wonderful front garden, Dante! Excellent job of snoopervising things and of showing us all around. Well done! We like your woofie friend too! :-)

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the tour, gorgeous Dante; your blooms are lovely...Your woofie friend is pretty cute too!...kisses sweet boy...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Amy & the house of cats said...

Wow Dante you have a very beautiful front garden! And all those garden ornaments are very cute - but you are the cutest of all of course!

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for showing us the garden, Dante!! It sure is looking good!!

The Monkeys said...

Your garden is beautiful, Dante! But your Mama is right, you're the best ornament!

Cory said...

Grete is excited to see your woofie pal Dante!

Dante, there could be nothing more wonderful in the garden than you! You are just a magnificent mancat! All of us girl kitties think so.

Karen Jo said...

Your front garden is gorgeous, Dante. You must have to work and snoopervise very hard to keep it so nice. I love your kitty birdbath, but of course you are the best ornament of all.

8GR8LOLCATS said...

What a lush beautiful garden you haz Dante... I love the photo of you with those DEEP PURRple flowers!