Monday, February 14, 2011


Dante and the beautiful Miss Camille Suzanne of "Our Family Catablog" have been dating for quite some time.  Unfortunately, they don't get to see each other all that often, but today is a happy exception.

Camille is on her way to meet Dante for a Valentine's date in Ottawa, where we live.

Dante has donned his special Valentine's shirt especially for her.  Real mancats DO wear pink, you know!  And Dante is the mancatliest of mancats.

Dante's outside waiting for Miss Camille Suzanne to arrive.

Efurry night he sees her in his dreams!

And she, too, thinks of him constantly.

Dante wants to show her his special Valentine's Day shirt.  It has a Peace sign on the back in the shape of a heart.  He's always been a bit of a hippie.

It's a tie-dyed shirt, too!  Just like they had in the '60s.

"I beleeves in troo luv an' a peaceful existence", says he.  "An' I feels dat I has YEARNed da rite to happyness."

"She's here, she's here -- let the bells ring out, and the banners fly!  She's here at last!"

But that wasn't the end of Dante's wait.  Once Camille Suzanne arrived, she had to go and powder her nose.

But all's well that ends well, and the end to this Valentine's Day story IS a happy one!
It's a regular LOVEFEST!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!


Luscious Lucy said...

Oh Dante and Camille Suzanne, we think you 2 are just the cutest couple around! Do you think there's marriage in the stars? A house full of kittens all floofy like you? Can't you just see the Sphere wedding of the decade! Oh my, you are making us just walk right into dreamland!
Happy Valentine's Day to handsome Dante and the beautiful Miss Camille Suzanne from us :D xoxoxo

The Monkeys said...

You two are the floofiest couple we know! Enjoy your love day!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh what a sweet couple. Happy Valentine's Day!

Kea said...

Aw, so is in the air today! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hannah and Lucy said...

The purrfect couple.
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Unknown said...

Dearest, I have left for you on my bloggy a Valentine made 'specially for you. Know that on this day of l♥ve my ♥ is wrapped tightly 'round yours - and only yours.

Miss Camille Suzanne

Cat Mandu said...

I just about died laughing, Dante. (I hope your Valentine's costume didn't have the same effect on Miss Camille!) Sorry, I just don't get dressed up. I did like your Lion look, though.

Katnip Lounge said...

OMC! What a gorgeous Couple! Love is in the air today!

Happy Valentines Day!

8GR8LOLCATS said...

How very sweet! Dante- I PURRobably wouldn't put a hot pink tie-dye on a red cat- but I have to admit that really does suit you! Should you get tired of the look- we have a brother in Toronto whose name is PEACE and he's brown- it might look good on him! LOL!!!

Cat said...

Happy Valentine's Day Dante, we hope you have a wonderful with your beautiful Camille!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Dante and his mom,

Thank you so furry much for letting me know that Miss Camille Suzanne is safely in your care. I know that the valiant Dante will care for her with honor as the two smitten kittens spend the night on the town.

I shall be waiting for Miss Camille Suzanne's return at midnight to listen to all of her excited purrs and mews telling me about her special evening with her handsome beau.

the momma

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I could see some pretty nice kitty muscles in that shirt! lol
Dante and Camille make a purrfectly stunning couple!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Catsparella said...

Real Mancats *do* wear pink!! I love it!! Happy Valentine's Day, Dante! *smoochies*

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Oh how very romantic! Happy Valentine's Day to you both, and Wendy too!

Thankyou for coming by to visit me when I was sick. I am much bettter now, thanks to the collective power of purrs from the CB.

Anonymous said...

happy belated Valentine's Day to the floofiest couple we know!

Ramblingon said...

Oh! Oh! Miss Camille-Suzanne, you are worthy of the love of so manly a man cat as our Lacocoon Dante who is THE most beautiful man cat standing (or sitting)!

Happy Valentine's Fay you gorgeous couple. Dante, I feel your outfit was just exactly right.

Swooningly yours,

Admiral Hestorb said...

Wendy, just a quick note..that was me, the Admiral coming to see you yesterday and I was...gasp...using my MOM'S password. But thank you got coming to visit her. She really needs to get a grip!

Shaggy and Scout said...

What a great day!
Camille Suzanne is a beauty and you two make a great pair!
As usual, Dante, the pictures of you are stunning, and what a great shirt!

Anonymous said...

This is beyond sweet. Dante looking so handsome waiting for his lady love. Pink does become him. I love to check in and see what's happening with Sir Dante.

Mama Bear said...

Dante...yes, I do love the white floofies, as you do(and a beautiful lady you have there)..but I also have a secret spot for ginger floof cats..especially when they are as handsome as you are!