Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last week Dante promised to show you more of the cats in his Cat Garden.  He's here today to fulfill that promise, but you may get more than even Dante expected.

It's Thursday, and Dante is out in the Cat Garden again checking the progress since last week.  He's in for a big surprise!

 He was just about to check on the pink geraniums in the big pot at the end of the bench, when ... THUNK!

A fairy landed right beside him!

"Dere's sumfin quite neFAIRYous about dis", says Dante, unsure of what sort of creature had invaded his space.

"Smells kinda fishy ta me!", he says as he examines the fairy more closely.
"So I had tuna fur lunch -- big deal!", retorts the winged one.

Dante, not satisfied merely to intimidate the creature, gets a little too up close and PURRsonal.

"I didn't know yoo wuz sucha PURRvert", says the fairy.  "I'm outta heer -- and kwick!", she exclaims as she takes flight for parts unknown.

"Cat dam it!  I fink I mighta discovered a noo speeSHEs, but my proof just went POOF!"   Chin up, Dante -- at least the geraniums are thriving.

Dante decides to begin his weekly tour on the bench where it all began today.  There are some pretty impatience in a pot that he placed here to catch the rain.

Even though it's a Cat Garden, there is the odd birdie here and there (emphasis on ODD)!

Immediately across from the cat bench is the one for humans (though cats pretty well sit wherever they want, of course).  Here you can see a tiny platform with little garden statues of Dylan, Domino and Dante (in that order).  Right beside it is a planter with impatience and petunias.  And in this forest of flowers ...

... there's a strange purple pussycat who lives amongst the blooms. 

Right around the corner, on the front steps are two smiling kitties in celadon green.  There is a larger celadon cat sleeping on the other side of the urn.

Here are the Oriental kitties.  They are in their synchronized martial arts stance.

And here is the little sleeping cat.  It looks very peaceful, I think. 

On the opposite side of the front steps is another urn with a little stone kitty standing guard.

And all along the garage wall are kitty dolls and statues as far as the eye can see (in one glance, anyway).

Dante is standing directly opposite the front steps.  You can get a good view of the entrance walkway and its plethora of cats.  Of course, we have the treasured cat birdbath front and center, too.

Once again, these are the Martha Washington geraniums.  They hardly look like geraniums at all -- more like some sort of hybrid rose!  They are such a gorgeous colour.

Now here we are looking back toward the sitting area.  Dante's tied up at the moment.  It's clear he has other things on his mind.  I had to remind him not to forget ...

 ... the "Stone Kitties", both mother and baby cat.  "Dey got dere eyes closed, so why dont I?", Dante asks.

That's a very good point you make, Dante.  You've had a long, hard day and you deserve a good nap.   Do you think maybe he's dreaming of fairies?


Gemini and Ichiro said...

What a lovely garden you have, full of fairy cats and statuary.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Dante, I know you're a big fellow, but when I see you by Miss Domino I realize you're a MASSIVELY big fellow!!!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Everything looks wonderful, Wendy! Lush, colourful -- just so heavenly. We love all the cat statues--and of course the real kitties are best. Domino looks so pretty, in her fairy dress. :-)

Hannah and Lucy said...

Your garden is beautiful Dante and your lady gardener must have green fingers.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I will admit, I too was quite stunned by the side by side of the two of them.

I ran into a big black and white boy at the shelter the other day, and a tiny kitty in the room came up and sat next to him, it was quite distracting, and he ended up pushing me over (I was squatting) to remind me to pat him :)

Marg said...

What a wonderful garden post. We love all the little kittens that are in your garden and that pink angel is too darn cute. Domino you make a great pink angel and Dante needs to mind his own business. Take care.

Sweet Purrfections said...

What a cute little fairy! We don't think we've ever seen the two of you beside each other! Wow! What a difference in size!

Oui Oui said...

What a pretty fairy! We can't believe how much bigger Dante is than Miss Fairy What a "catty" garden. We love all the unexpected places they turn up.

neora chana said...

Dear Dante,

What a beautiful cat garden. Maybe the fairy will visit again. I nominated you for an illuminating fact award, but I don't know how to put the badge on my post about it, so if you go to Simba's Antics where Lady Audrey got one, you can get the badge there. I'm sorry my PM is so techno-silly. P. Treasure

Unknown said...

Oh! Me loves your catty garden. Our garden needs some TLC, but Mommy has just been too busy...even to comment. Me thinks Domino is a very pretty fairy! Wow is Dante big! (and sooo very handsome)

Cat said...

Your garden of kitty sculptures is just beautiful but I think we like Domino in her pretty pink fairy dress the very best!!! Dante we have given you an award today, hope you can pop by our blog to pick it up :-)