Saturday, September 14, 2013


Special effects, that is!  Biggify any, or all, for the best effect.

Here is a colour-enhanced Dante, from behind.  Note his thickening mane, even from the back!  And he seems to have a blue aura about him.

Then turnabout is fair play -- and Dante is much fairer in this 'Watercolor Pencil' portrait.  This effect highlights efurry detail in his generous fur coat.

This picture features a combination of special effects.  First I blurred the edges and then applied a 'Watercolor Painting" effect.  Of course, the most special thing about the portrait is still Dante, himself.

All I can say is 'mucho grassyass' to Dante for posing in this patch of bright green grass!  Once again I applied the 'Watercolor Pencil' effect and then topped it off with colour enhancement to get this strikingly detailed result.

And finally, here's the lad in plaid!  I used a vertical line texture effect to blend in with the lines in the frame.  But lions or no, Dante blends in just about anywhere.  He's just a regular blender cat!

"Blendin' in is my speshulty!", says he.

"It's quite an accomplishment for one who is so outstanding", says me.

Isn't that special?