Tuesday, November 5, 2013


With the weather getting colder, it's harder and harder to convince Dante that he should go outside.  Even with his thick fur coat, he's a wimp when the temPURRature dips.

So, I managed to take a series of pictures of Dante sitting on, near or around the deck.   There were quite a few, so here is just the first sampling.

Dante is a swirl of orange hues.

 Even his back end is different shades from light to dark.

 Dante seems to have 'twigged' to something!

Here's Dante as a postcard.  "Wish yoo wuz heer!", says he.

Dante is still peaches and cream, while all around him has turned to brown.

Maybe we should press some of that awesome fur of his, too!  The curls and waves on his massive mane are the result of his most recent bath.  He always has a wash after breakfast.

Dante ponders what still is to come.  Before you know it all the brown will be turned upside down under a blanket of white.

"To be continued ..."