Saturday, September 6, 2014


As an artistic subject, Dante knows no bounds!  Wherever he happens to be at the moment, the camera captures him in all his splendour.

Of late, his coat has reached massive proportions, as these pictures will attest.

Biggify each one for a more detailed view.

 "Eye is at the center of dis wun!" says Dante.

 "Ouch, I has bin bushwhacked!" he exclaims, after being hit in the face with a branch.

"I may be a cat on stone, but I'm not cast in it!" asserts Dante.

 "I am absolootly FURious!" he says making refurence to his fur.

"Efurryware I go, I'm in da thick of it!" 

"But let's face it -- is bettah dan bein' bald!"