Thursday, May 28, 2015


Dante's in the back yard witnessing something quite speCATular! 

 At first he thought it was snow, but white petals have just fallen off the crabapple tree and are littering the ground beneath him!

 "Is da furst time I evah had such sweet-smellin' littah!" remarks he.

However, Dante is not content to just sit around and smell the bits o'blossoms.  He feels compelled to PURRuse the PURRimeter of his proPURRty.

So he delves deeply into thick foliage along the fence line.

There is some long grass growing here, so he samples it ... 

 ... and finds it quite to his liking.  "I'm reely liken it." affirms he.

"Dere's so much goin' on arownd heer, I reely hasta keep on top of it", Dante says as he does just that.