Sunday, June 28, 2015


Dante just adores nature, and nowhere is nature more all-PURRvasive than in the woods behind our house.

There he can commune with all sorts of wildlife -- the birds, the butterflies and the odd hedgehog. (He likes the 'odd' ones better because of their offbeat sense of humour.)

Maine Coons love to play with water -- especially running water.  Our woods culminate in a ravine with many small natural waterfalls babbling softly -- just idyllic for our Dante!

Not only are the woods popular with Dante, but Dante has made quite the splash in the woods!
It's a very symbiotic relationship.

Or, in Dante's case, quite SIMBAotic!

In a clearing in the woods, there is a small meadow replete with wildflowers and insects, of which the butterflies are once again most apparent.  It's the best place by far to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Imagine a world where butter flies -- life just doesn't get any better!