Friday, July 24, 2015


Dante is in the back yard and he's feeling quite sad.

"I has lost wunna my best furiends", says he.

 "Dis is our frunt gardin.  In da center is my most fafurite tree, named ASH.  It giffs a lotta shade and is great fur scratchin'.  Squirrels used ta run up and down da tree trunk, an' birdies purrched on its branches."

"Two weeks ago, dis happined!  Mama said dat ASH had ta be cut down becuz ash bores wuz killin' it.  I didunt know a tree cud ackshully die of boredom -- but it did.  An' now it is firewood, so ashes ta ashes, it is."

 "Rite now, I cant stand to see da frunt gardin, so I'm doin' all my mornin' heer in da back yard."

 "I am tryin' ta transFUR my affeckshuns to dis crabapple tree, but it's no ASH."

"I figure we'll get closer an' closer ... 

 ... as time goes on, doe."

"But ASH will stay in my heart and mind, FURever!"