Saturday, September 26, 2015


One thing about Dante is that he fills up any empty space with his enormous presence.  Here he is filling up his own PURRSonal space on the front porch chair to oFUR-flowing.

"Is impawsible fur me ta curl up in a liddle ball, so I doan even try", says Dante. 

 "I prefurs ta hang loose ...

" ... speshully wen I has a hangover!" says Dante as he hangs to the left ...

... and then hangs to the right for good measure! 

 "Dat's wun nice fing about haffin' yoor own PURRSonal space -- yoo kin make good use of efurry inch of it an' not feel like it's crampin' yoor style!"

It's clear that Dante hasn't overlooked a thing -- except purrhaps what's for dinner!

"Fill 'er up!!!"