Friday, February 12, 2016


It was a relatively warm sunny day last week when Dante ventured out, bolstered by the milder temPURRatures.

Dante's coat takes on a fiery glow under the bright winter sun which also deepens his shadows.  This makes for a great watercolour portrait.

There he is sniffing the snow before deciding to take a plunge (or not).

Next he tests the depths and consistency of the accumulated snowpack.
Just look at the length of him!

Ultimately Dante decides it's not worth the risk.  He doesn't want to get 'snowed in' should he get stuck.

So after setting the snow alight, he is bent on retreating back into the shadows of the front porch.  At least he has left us with some very vivid images that will not soon be forgotten.


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Katie Isabella said...

Dante, you are totally THE most luxuriously beautiful mancat ever in this world.