Monday, June 26, 2017


Here's one of Dante's hatted pictures; this one from June last year.  Generally, he saved his hat photos for the 3-D cat blog along with his brother and sister, but methinks we will now share some of them on this one.

Dante always looked marvelous in just about any hat, but this brown straw fedora with teal band and trim seems to especially suit him.  And his white floral bowtie "ties" in just purrfectly, don't you think?  Also, being the timely gentlemancat that he was, he is sporting a gold and dark teal Ulysse Nardin watch.  Obviously he was a mancat of suPURRb taste in addition to all of his other fabulous qualities!

He is posing with a plant pot shaped like a cat's head (planted with begonias), and embellished only the way 'Jim Shore' (its creator) could do.  Dante is emulating the plant pot by holding some begonias, too.  He's pretty nicely embellished himself.

Hat's off to Dante forevermore!

Who needs a hat when you can wear a crown?

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