Thursday, July 19, 2018


These are pictures of Dante from July 2012.  I noticed that every year around this time his fur would thicken and what appeared to be his 'winter coat' would come in.

I always figured his biological clock for the year was off-kilter or something, because ideally his coat should thin out over the summer.

But no, this happened year after year, after year.  It would begin to thin out in mid-January (which again doesn't make sense) and by Spring it was the thinnest it ever got, although he was always a fluffy cat no matter what season -- it was all in the degree.

It's just that the degree didn't match up with the degrees Fahrenheit (or Celsius for that matter).  He was definitely off-season.

So, I thought that Dante was merely an anomaly among Maine Coons, until this year when our one-year old Dani began to exhibit the same trait.  To see how she looks now just go to:

It's a good thing he had a sunny disPAWSition!

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