Sunday, February 3, 2019


Shades (or is it shadows) of Groundhog's Days past.

Dante has blindfolded the groundhog (aka Enemy of the State) and is attempting to cover his shadow with snow.

In a second attempt to stifle the groundhog, Dante is getting ready to haul him away (still blindfolded).

Confident that this scheme is going to work, Dante turns and wishes efurryone a "Happy Groundhog's Day."

Groundhogs are also called Woodchucks, but I'll bet you've never had anyone wish you a Happy Woodchuck's Day, have you?

And here's the little fella all locked up safe and sound -- at least until tomorrow!
And because Dante thought he might be somewhat cheesed off, he gave him some (cheese, that is).

"At leest I gots lots a CHEESE!!!" exults the groundhog in delight.

Don't worry little groundhog, you'll be PAWdoned tomorrow.

Have you ever seen a happier woodchuck, which begs the question:

How many chuckles can a woodchuck chuckle?

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Catscue Cat Mom said...

Nice try Dante! MOL! Y'all tell a fine story - I don't know about the woodchuck, but I'm chuckling.