Thursday, May 19, 2011


Another week has come and gone so quickly. This week we are in the back yard where there have been some pretty miraculous changes. There has been lots and lots of rain, so most everything is pretty lush.

"Dere has bin sum good changes an' sum bad wuns", says Dante.

"Daddy finally stawted to trim da willow bushes dat had grown outta contwol!"

"But aftah he got finished, it looks like most of da bush is deaded. I am purrin' verreh hard fur it to survive."

"Dere is a verreh funneh story abowt dis, but I'm gonna let Mommy tell yoo cuz she wonts to."

Mommy here! Daddy took just about forever to trim that one bush. You see the first time he got started, he was using an electric hedgetrimmer with a long cord, and after only a few minutes it stopped working! I couldn't help but laugh as I saw the cut cord dangling and Daddy was totally clueless until I told him.

So, Daddy went out to buy a new and even longer electric cord, but was too tired to do any more trimming after that.

The next time, Daddy made an attempt to trim the bush, he used a long, manual snipper like in the picture above. He said the branches were too thick for the electric trimmer. And wouldn't you know it, the cord that you pull to manipulate the snipper snapped off, and Daddy couldn't reattach it!

Many moons later, I begged Daddy to finish trimming the willow bush, so he got out the brand new electric cord -- this one was even longer -- and began his assigned task. A couple of minutes into it, the trimmer seemed to jam. Daddy was getting very exasPURRated.

Would you believe it? He cut the cord AGAIN!

It took over one month, two snipped electric cords and a busted manual trimmer, but Daddy finally completed his task -- only to realize that the bush was mostly dead!

Methinks there are other, subconscious forces at work here because Daddy doesn't like to do gardening work. What do you think?  I think we're going to hire someone next time -- it would be a whole lot cheaper!

And now, back to Dante ...

"I did a liddle moar furtilizin' cuz dat's wun of mai main doodies!", says Dante.

"An' it's workin', too! Last time I furtilized heer, it wuz bare, and now dere's sum bootifull, gween gwound covah gwowin'."

"See how lush it is behine me?"

"Dere's bin udder stuff goin' on arownd heer, too!", exclaims Dante.

"An' its name is SOX! Wenefur I'm outside, he's alwais wachin' me fru da scween door."

"Yoo see, he is mai nephew -- Mommy's sonbean's kitty. Sox an' his sisfur Missy has bin stayin' wif us fur ovah a week now becuz Ryan is gettin' renovashuns dun at his howse."

"Sox is a good kid, but he's not supposta go outside. He has alreddy escaped two times into da back gawden."

"Da furst time he chased mai furiend Furnando up a twee befor we cot him, and da secund time Mommy hadta go runnin' arownd in da rain aftah him, but she cotted his tail and hauled him back inside!"

This is what Sox looks like when he's not looking through the screen door. Isn't he a cutie?

"Anyways -- back to moar impawtant fings -- like da gawdin!", says Dante.

This is the crabapple tree earlier this week. The blossoms were just starting to open.

This is the crabapple tree today. The blossoms are fully open.

"Yoo mite even say dey's at dere PEEK", says Dante. "An' yoo bettah peek now cuz dey wont last long! Isn't dey bootifull?"

That's all until next time ...


Fuzzy Tales said...

That whole thing with your dad trying to trim the willow tree was pretty funny, Dante. Yeah, we think hiring someone would be a better idea. Sometimes it's just worth it to pay someone else!

Your crabapple blossoms are gorgeous! Ours (in Kingston, we mean) are all just coming into bloom now, the trees aren't quite full yet.

And Sox is very handsome! It must be fun (we hope) to have him and Missy and staying with you!

Unknown said...

Great Post! Me loves to see all the other gardens! Sox is handsome and I don't blame him for chasing the squirrel! We have 2 and Me chases them, Kozmo chases them and even the hairy slobbery sisters chase them!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! Such a lot of lovely blossoms on your tree. We are jealous!

Amy & the house of cats said...

hi Dante! Wow your garden is looking great and you are right - very lush! We love the story your mom told about your daddy - it was so funny! We could totally picture it in our heads! And your nephew Sox is a cutie - hopefully he will stop escaping though!

Unknown said...

The story about your daddy is very funny. We can see our Daddy having the exact same problems. This is why our Mommy doesn't let him out there!

Your garden is beautiful too! We're so jealous that you get to go outside and enjoy it.

Cory said...

Dante, you said everything is lush because of the rain...does that apply to your ruff as well? You are so floofy and handsome as always.

Anonymous said...

We laughed over the cut cords! It looks like Sox is idolizing you!

Lisa + current cat said...

Poor daddy trying to get that tree trimmed! Our mom doesn't garden either. Not her thing. The only gardening she enjoys is ripping out vines because she gets out aggreshuns yanking them hard. Dante, you are always looking handsome, and out with the plants you really shine.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said... probably would have been cheaper to hire a tree trimmer. Teri had a friend come and saw a branch off of a tree that was bumping into the house in the wind and making scary scritchy sounds. But it broke off and looks kinda sad...but it was free, hahameow. Secretly she is hoping the tree dies so she can plant a dogwood there instead.