Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dante's in the front garden again this week because there have been some significant changes since his last post.  It has been rather hot, and then we've also had lots of rain, so all the plants have plumped right up.

This time we are starting from the other side of the house. 

Dante is sitting next to the neighbour's porch.

"Dey has bin busy doin' sum plantin'", says Dante.  "Dey seems to be parshull ta hostas."

"Dey's still got a long way ta go befor dey's finished.  Let's take a luk see how mai gardin is doin'."

"Dis potted plant is fillin' owt kwite nicely", he says.  "Dose spiky fings aren't lookin' so good, doe.  I fink dey is gonna dry rite up.  I'll hafta tell Mom to get rid of dem."

"Last week I only showed yoo sum of our gardin cats.  Heer are two moar -- Stoned Kitteh an' Stoned Kitten, I calls dem."

"Dis is reely excitin' cuz wun of da weigelas is startin' ta bloom!"

"Look at da bootiful red buds.  Dey will be efun moar speCATular wunce dey open up."

"Dis is a vyoo of da front gardin facin' west."

"Heer's moar gardin cats.  Da free kittehs on liddle bench are supposta rePURResent me, Domino and Dylan."

"De flowahs in de urns has expandid, too!  And liddle wite flowahs has cum out since last week.  O, an' dere's a cuppla Mexican cats makin' sum kinda statemint."

"Dere is green kitteh on da steps.  He matches da pot he's standin' next to."

"Dis is da garage wall wif da hangin' plant.  An' undahneath is wun of Mommy's newest treasures.  She gottid does free singin' cats fur Crismouse.  She tot dey were kinda neat cuz dere's a liddle wun, a big wun an' a medium size wun -- jus' like Dommy, Dylan an' me!"

"Uh-oh!  Daddy says is enuff fur today!  It's hot owt heer an' he wants to go inside ware dere's air conditionin'."

"Daddy needs ta stick owt his tung wen he carries me -- cuz I is so heaveh!  Sumhow it helps. 
 Silly Daddy!"


Admiral Hestorb said...

Swooooon....::SIGH:: oh Dante! So gorgeous and unattainable. A girl can but dream. You look like a lion! And your garden is well tended. You did a good job. Mom should give you extra treats.

PeeEss: Do your mommy and daddy take you to Pet stores when they buy you toys and fuds? I would love to see that.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Dante, everything looks great! We love your pots and decorative elements--they really add to your front garden. :-)

BTW, how's your dad doing at trimming the grass? LOL. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

The mom says the weeks pass by so quickly...It's almost mid-June, almost summer...She wishes she could just slow things down in the glorious warm weather--and speed them up in winter. LOL.

Unknown said...

Dear Dante!
me has to agree with Admiral Hestorb! Yous gorgeous (and unattainable). me loves all the kitties in your garden! We only has 3, Me Kozmo and a iron one.

Lisa + current cat said...

You're a great big boy, Dante! You gots muscules under all them furs? Thanks for the updated garden tour. We likes them stoned cats.

marg said...

Oh Dante, thanks so much for that great tour. Your garden is doing great and we know it is all thanks to you. Have a super day.